Welcome to St Mark's connect page

During the Coronavirus distancing, we have made services and daily prayer available on your phone/tablet or computer.

A) For the Sunday Services at 10am:

Visit our homepage or click this link:

*To Join the Chat after the Service, follow the instructions for Morning Prayer below.

B) To join our Morning Prayer at 9.15 Daily:

1) Click Here and download Zoom on your device.

2) Once you have the app, Click Here and enter the passcode to join daily prayer at 9.15am.

3) Don’t forget to press JOIN AUDIO!

To get the passcode, or any help, email us or call or text on 07716783940.

C) If you have no internet, or you know someone else who doesn't:

You can still use your home phone or mobile to listen to our services and join in morning prayers, services and St Mark's funerals -

1) Ring 020 8080 6592

2) Enter the meeting ID: 347 999 912

3) Press # and # again when it askes you for a meeting ID and enter the passcode.

4) To get the passcode, or any help, email us or call or text on 07716783940.


At this time of uncertainty and isolation, you are not alone.

You may be wondering where God is in all of this, or even if there is a God at all.
We are here for you.

If you are worried and want someone to talk to, we will have people who can chat, or even pray with you over the phone or via email.

Here at St Mark's we are committed to being connected and being close together. We are passionate about knowing Jesus, loving each other and caring for our community.

If you need support please contact us on our church mobile number 07716783940 (Monday-Thursday, 10-2) or email us at

I hope you can connect with us over the coming weeks as we explore what this means for us at this time and hear about the hope which we still have despite what's going on around us.

If you're looking for community, hope and peace then look no further, and join us in one of the ways detailed below.


We have Daily Prayer at 9.15 using the Zoom App

We're really excited to invite you all to join Dan for prayer at 9.15 every day (except Sunday) from the 18th March until we're able to gather again in Church. (Yes I'll be here Monday-Saturday every week until we're over)

We're using a great piece of tech called 'zoom'. Basically you follow this link and you'll be able to join us from your internet connected phone, tablet or laptop. Make sure your phone is set to 'wi-fi' not 'data' and your connection will be free.

So click the link, download the app (on phone or tablet) and software (on a computer) and follow the instructions. Why not give it a go right now (it takes 5 minutes) and you'll be good to go everyday at 9.15 and at 10am on Sunday's for the live streamed service.

If you're unsure about how to set it up then please follow this link and the link they say has been emailed is the one above. Zoom is recommended by the Church of England for use during this time. The meeting ID is 347 999 912 although just clicking the link again should do the trick.

You'll need a password that you can get by emailing or calling the office (contact details are here) Once you're in, don't forget to click JOIN AUDIO. 

Until just after 9 each morning it will say 'waiting for the host to start the meeting'. That's great, just wait until we've started and you'll see us.

Any problems, use the message option. Once you're in, don't forget to click JOIN AUDIO. 


Worship with us at 10am every Sunday

Join us EVERY Sunday for Church onlinE!

We'll be live streaming the service at 10am on Youtube (and the above Zoom) for anyone who wants to drop in online.

The Live Service can also be caught on the Homepage (main front page).



Some Prayer Resources for all ages to use at Home

Click Here