The first thing we want to say is Thank YOU ❤️

Everything that we do at St Marks - our work in the community, our local mission and our worldwide mission is only possible because of your generosity.

Our Christmas and Summer parties, Kids groups, Easter activities, Sunday Services, TANGO, Kids and Youth work, midweek ministries, Alpha and so much more, as well as the money that we give to charities at home and abroad to help with their work bringing light into darkness.

It's incredible to be able to work together and be inspired by love to change lives for the good, with Jesus at the helm.

If you are interested in giving to help us in our mission for us and others to Know Jesus, Love Each other and Care for our Community, then here are some ways you can give:

You may wish to give to St Marks via a charitable aid agency such as StewardshipJustGivingCAFCharities Trust, or Charitable Giving. These agencies are useful for those who give to multiple charities and wish to have their giving recorded in one place or for those who wish to give anonymously to St Marks.


Where we're going and where we can give as part of the church community

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