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A Guide to the Churchyard

You are advised to read this information carefully and if possible before making any burial arrangements

You and your family are in our prayers at this time.
We hope the information on this page will help you to ensure that your family grave remains a very special place where you will feel close to God and your loved ones.

We will continue to make every effort, to ensure that the churchyard is maintained properly, through our wonderful volunteers, whilst trying to be sensitive to everyone's needs and feelings. To do this, the Church of England requires certain standards to be adhered to. These are taken from the official advice given in "The Churchyards Handbook" and set out in this leaflet.

The Parochial Church Council have authorised the following as approved good practice.

  1. The placing of real flowers/fresh floral tributes in the appropriate vessels on the plinth only. (This is to allow the grass to be cut and will ensure less damage to vessels)
  2. The placing of a memorial stone and the addition of an inscription are both subject to the approval of the Vicar.

A drawing and/or photograph giving all sizes, wording and any images will need to accompany every application. (Your Funeral Director or stone mason will be able to help and advise).

You will also be asked for written confirmation that you have read and understand the information in this page. You can do this by emailing

3. Following burial, there will be "settlement" of the plot as the earth covering weathers. Therefore, a minimum of 6 months should elapse before the erection of any memorial. Please note that if any gravestone becomes unsafe in any way, it is the responsibility of the family, not St Mark's, to make it safe again.

You may wish to note that the depth of plots on first burial is now covered by health and safety legislation. You should therefore discuss your requirements with your Funeral Director.

4. Please note that in winter and during times of heavy rainfall, the graveyard can become very wet underfoot.

5. Gravestone Guidance:

Size:   Between 2'6" and 4' high

Between 1'8" and 3' wide

Between 3" and 6" thick

Colour:  Black, White, Grey or Reddish Brown in stone or marble.

Shapes In accordance with current Diocese of Liverpool guidelines, "memorials should be simple and be consistent with nearby memorials and the setting of the churchyard. Memorials need not be restricted to a strict rectangular shape and curved tops are preferable to straight edged ones. Memorials in the shape of a heart are generally not permitted."

Images: Only simple carved images of an open bible, church window or a simple flower may be allowed, provided that they are no bigger than 16" x 8" nor in colour

Unfortunately, some headstones and carvings have been allowed under previous leadership counter to the Liverpool Diocesan gravestone legislation. That however does not give a precedent for anything outside the above instruction.

Please note that photographs are not allowed.

6. Following final "settlement" of the plot, the area in front of the headstone will be topped up with soil and turfed by St Mark's.

In order to facilitate the cutting of grass, and for safety reasons, objects may not be placed on or around the plot.

7. Please note that permission must be sought in writing before undertaking any alterations to the grave plot, including, but not limited to headstone restoration, additional inscriptions, or replacements.

8. In accordance with the Church of England Handbook, we regret that the Parochial Church Council cannot permit the following:

  • The creation of a 'garden' of any kind.
  • The placing of any enclosure, including side stones/kerbs, fencing/mock fencing around a grave.
  • The use of any chippings, stone or otherwise.
  • The placing of any object on the grave itself without the written permission of the Vicar.


Burial of Ashes

Please note that as St Mark's Graveyard does not have a garden of remembrance, a full size grave plot will need to be acquired for burial of ashes, unless the family already have an existing grave.

If you have any questions or queries regarding a grave, or the information in this leaflet, then please contact the Church Office Tel: 01744 602641


Disabled friendly

St Mark’s is a disability friendly church, but please do watch your stepping in the graveyard.  Please contact the church office if you need any special assistance.



For the full Diocesan guidance which we are bound by, please click here


Liverpool Diocese Graveyard regulations
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