Where we're going and where we can give as part of the church community

Watch Dan's vision and commitment talk from after 2pm on Sunday 11th


Use this prayer to help you talk to God about your offering to St Mark’s as part of your freewill offering to God.


What is your free will offering to the construction of Christ’s Kingdom?

Complete the following statements that apply to you.

Dear Father, You know my thoughts before I do. Please shed Your light over every part of my personal offerings and give me insight as I take an inventory of my heart. I recognise You are building Your kingdom and deeply desire the freewill offerings of my heart as available materials for that structure. I ask You, through the Holy Spirit’s power, to help me distinguish between what I offer from obligation, compulsion, or compensation and what I offer from the sheer joy of having something to place on Your altar.


Without a doubt, one of my freewill offerings is______________________________.


I persistently try to act as if I cannot hear You ask me to give You my ____________



I recognise that You are completely able to transform my heart, but I have been unwilling to allow You to change my heart about _____________________________



(Hear His response. Will you now let Him change your heart?)

Right now I am not lifting up a freewill offering to You at all.


The reason I am most aware of is _________________________________________



Could there also be some other reasons, Lord? (spend a moment of quiet with him. Is he bringing anything to mind?)




I presently give my freewill offering at my local church by _____________________



Complete the following statements that apply to you:

Lord, I believe that You have led me here, because ___________________________




I am not sure that You have led me here, because ___________________________




I feel great joy when I am able to give my __________________________________


I feel no joy when _____________________________________________________


Help me listen directly to You now, Lord, as You tell me what You desire my freewill offerings to be. Give me the strength to risk allowing You to make the changes in my heart that joyfully giving these offerings would require. Amen.


From Beth Moore’s ‘God’s Dwelling Place’ bible study, pg.53-54


After your prayer time, please complete the below pledge form before the 1st november.

we are asking every adult at st mark's to complete this form either digitally here, or by paper copies returned via the church post box