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8, No. Heavy rainfall caused the Connecticut River to flood downtown Hartford and East Hartford. They also reelected Robert Treat as governor each year until 1698. The U.S. state of Connecticut began as three distinct settlements of Puritans from Massachusetts and England; they combined under a single royal charter in 1663. Before Europeans arrive in what is now Connecticut, the area is home to thousands of Native Americans 1879 - New Capitol building in Hartford completed; Richard Upjohn, architect. [43], The automotive revolution came much faster than anyone expected, especially the railroads. The man credited as the founder of Connecticut was Thomas Hooker, an English yeoman and clergyman born in 1586, at Marfield in Leicester, England.He was educated at Cambridge, where he received a Bachelor's in 1608 and a Master's in 1611. They pooled their militia under the command of John Mason of Windsor, and declared war on the Pequots. Thousands of state, local and volunteer groups mobilized for the war effort, and were coordinated by the Connecticut State Council of Defense. [54][55] The Poles enlisted in large numbers, and generously supported war bond efforts. An area 25 miles (40 km) wide at the western end of the Western Reserve, set aside by Connecticut in 1792 to compensate those from Danbury, New Haven, Fairfield, Norwalk, and New London who had suffered heavy losses when they were burnt out by fires set by British raids during the War of Independence, became known as the Firelands. In 1938, the state Democratic Party was wracked by controversy, and the Republicans elected Governor Raymond E. Baldwin. First gun powder mill in Connecticut started in East Hartford. INTRODUCTION Connecticut History Overview 1614: Adriaen Block, representing the Dutch, sails up the Connecticut River. This compromise is still part of the United States Constitution. Governor Jonathan Trumbull was elected every year from 1769 to 1784. 1818 - New Constitution adopted by convention in Hartford and approved by voters; ends system of established church. By 1654 they were gone, before the English took over New Netherland in 1664. Various Algonquian tribes long inhabited the area prior to European settlement. The vast majority were Fairfield County residents who were working in the World Trade Center. The educational and intellectual establishment was strongly led by Yale College, by scholars such as Noah Webster and by writers such as Mark Twain, who lived in Connecticut after establishing his association with the Mississippi River. 1855 Castle Garden Castle Garden at New York is established as principal East Coast immigrant processing depot, operating until 1890. put out the candles, and in the darkness the charter was taken away. Oliver Cromwell recommended that they all migrate to Ireland, or to Spanish territories that he planned to conquer. [30] This highly coordinated "get-out-the-vote" drive would be familiar to modern political campaigners, but was the first of its kind in world history. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Among his first pupils is Alice Cogswell, the daughter for the winter, sat in the branches of the tree and guarded the charter. Eli Whitney of New Haven was a leader of the engineers and inventors who made the state a world leader in machine tools and industrial technology generally. Federalists defeated by reformers in political revolution. At the Museum of Connecticut History, you’ll find exhibits that trace the growth of the State and its role in the development of the nation. Ages 8 - 9. Instead of identifying with their former ancestral villages, the Italians developed a new pride in being both Americans and Italians. [19], Centralizing forces made the Congregational church even more powerful and more conservative. Since then the private sector labor unions have dramatically declined in size and influence with the decline in industry as factories closed and jobs were moved out of state and offshore. [12], The three River Towns, Wethersfield, Windsor and Hartford, had created a general government when faced with the demands of a war. spy mission for General Washington. In 1806, the state leadership sent town leaders instructions for the forthcoming elections. The Mohegan Reservation gained political recognition shortly thereafter and, in 1994, opened another successful casino (Mohegan Sun) near the town of Uncasville. Unfortunately, they also spread smallpox and, by the end of the 1633–34 winter, the Native population of the entire valley was reduced from over 8,000 to less than 2,000. 1. Of utmost importance, the managers had to nominate candidates for local elections, and to print and distribute the party ticket. The crisis ended on the third day, and Grasso won accolades from all state sectors for her leadership and strength.[68]. Silesky argues that Connecticut followed the same procedure for the rest of the century. At the annual official town meeting, the managers were told to, "notice what republicans are present, and see that each stays and votes till the whole business is ended. Warren, Connecticut Unscathed : Victory in the Great Narragansett War, 1675 - 1676. In 1769, Wilkes-Barre was founded by John Durkee and a group of 240 Connecticut settlers. as important to most people as coffee is to many people today. Pennsylvania granted the individual settlers from Connecticut the titles to their land claims. 1755 - Connecticut Gazette of New Haven, the Colony's first newspaper, printed by James Parker at New Haven. This agreement was never really accepted, however, and boundary disputes continued. [31] The cutoff of imports from Britain did stimulate the rapid growth of factories to replace the textiles and machinery. In the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, 65 state residents were killed. seals, or stamps, as they were called, placed on all printed documents such as deeds, licenses or newspapers. The largest munitions firms were Remington in Bridgeport, Winchester in New Haven, and Colt in Hartford, as well as the large federal arsenal in Bridgeport. As soon as the news of the uprising at Lexington, Massachusetts in April of 1775 reached Connecticut, several thousand militiamen left Connecticut Religious tensions polarized the state, as the established Congregational Church, in alliance with the Federalists, tried to maintain its grip on power. 1, Jan. 1923. 1812 - Joseph Barber starts Columbian Register at New Haven. Soldiers at the Redding camp endured supply shortages, cold temperatures and significant snow, with some historians dubbing the encampment "Connecticut's Valley Forge."[28]. Connecticut men help plan and carry out seizure of Ft. Ticonderoga. It never arrived. Recently arrived Italians, Poles and others had to cancel plans to return to their home villages. CT History 1600's. Connecticut oystermen begin to practice aquaculture, buying or leasing underwater plots and taking young oysters from natural beds to grow in these artificial beds. He was one of the great preachers of his time, an erudite writer on Christian subjects, the first minister of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the first settlers and founders of both the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut, and cited by many as the inspiration for the "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut," cited by some as the world's first written democratic constitution that established a representative government. 1633 --John Oldham and others explore and trade along the Connecticut River. The participation of Native Allies is in a large part responsible for the Colonial Victory, and this participation was largely due to Connecticut's involvement, as they generally had the best relationships with their local Native tribes, in particular the Mohegans. [52] Connecticut's population was almost 30% foreign-born by 1910. Oramel Whittlesey establishes Music Vale Seminary. Governor Trumbull retires from governorship. Andros maintained that his commission superseded Connecticut's 1662 charter. [71] A state memorial was later set up at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport. Though what we know as our state began taking shape in 1614 when Dutch explorers sailed up what now call the Connecticut River. [46] J. Henry Roraback was the Republican state leader from 1912 to his death in 1937. Collegiate School moves to New Haven; called Yale the next year. This was the start of self-government in Connecticut. [67] She faced a major crisis in 1978 when "The Blizzard of 78" dropped 30 inches of snow across the state, crippling highways and making virtually all roads impassible. This venture met with the disapproval of not only Pennsylvania, but also of many in Connecticut including the Deputy Governor, who opposed Governor Jonathan Trumbull's support for the company, fearing that pressing these claims would endanger the charter of the colony. However, London demanded some assistance in its numerous wars against France, so the colony sent soldiers into Canada, 1709–1711, during Queen Anne's War. 1877 - The first telephone exchange in the world is opened in New Haven, Connecticut. The Foxwoods Casino was completed in 1992 and the enormous revenue it received made the Mashantucket Pequot Reservation one of the wealthiest in the country. 1633 --The Dutch erect a fort, the House of (Good) Hope, on the future site of Hartford. 1783 - Meeting of 10 Anglican clergy at Glebe House, Woodbury, leads to consecration of Bishop Samuel Seabury and beginning of Protestant Boats on the canal carried goods such as sugar, coffee and flour. By 1623, the new Dutch West India Company regularly traded for furs there and ten years later they fortified it for protection from the Pequot Indians, as well as from the expanding English colonies. 2006 - M. Jodi Rell becomes Connecticut's second female Governor elected in her own right. 1958 - 129 - mile Connecticut Turnpike opened. 1905 - General Assembly adopted public accommodations act ordering full and equal service in all places of public accommodation. [10] Minister Davenport was an Oxford-educated intellectual, and he set up a grammar school and wanted to establish a college, but failed to do so. 2008 - Connecticut becomes one of the first three states to perform marriages of same-sex couples. Weicker retired after a single term. 2001 - 9/11 Terrorist attacks on New York City kill 152 Connecticut citizens. 1689 - Connecticut resumes government under charter. King Philip's War (1675–1676) spilled over from Plymouth Colony; Connecticut provided men and supplies. Discovered Adriaen Block explored the CT River and landed in the Hartford area. The increased standard of living could be seen in the various suburban neighborhoods that began to develop outside major cities. 1776 - Samuel Huntington, Roger Sherman, William Williams and Oliver Wolcott signed the Declaration of Independence for Connecticut. Every town manager was told by state leaders "to appoint a district manager in each district or section of his town, obtaining from each an assurance that he will faithfully do his duty." Roosevelt's call for America to be the Arsenal of Democracy led to remarkable growth in munition-related industries, such as airplane engines, radio, radar, proximity fuzes, rifles, and a thousand other products. Captain Wadsworth of Hartford is credited with taking the charter and placing [74], The state's criminal justice system also dealt with the first execution in the state since 1960, the 2005 execution of serial killer Michael Ross and was rocked by the July 2007 home invasion murders in Cheshire. One of the original 13 colonies and one of the six New England states, Connecticut is located in the northeastern corner of the country. Bailey had an easier time in 1974 gaining re-election of Senator Abe Ribicoff. They were formed into thirty full regiments of infantry, including two in the U.S. He found Connecticut in 1614. In July 2009, the Connecticut legislature overrode a veto by Governor M. Jodi Rell to pass SustiNet, the first significant public-option health care reform legislation in the nation. The Republican Party was mildly liberal, typified by Senator Prescott Bush, a wealthy Yankee whose son and grandson were later each elected as president from their new conservative base in Texas. Soon promoted to General, it was General Putnam who said at The only significant change was that it called for a single Connecticut government with a southern limit at the Long Island Sound, including today Suffolk County on Long Island, and a western limit of the Pacific Ocean, which meant that this charter was still in conflict with the New Netherland colony. 1717- 1. "The Journal of Negro History", "Prudence Crandall", Vol. [7] The Hartford settlement was led by Reverend Thomas Hooker. Bailey's contact with the liberal element that dominated the Democratic Party was Ella Grasso. 1767 - Still needing to raise money, the English Parliament again attempted to tax the American Colonies by passing the Townshend Act in On September 6, 1781, British forces under Benedict Arnold Connecticut's dependence on the defense industry posed an economic challenge at the end of the Cold War. [65][66], In 1974 Democrats elected as governor Ella T. Grasso, the daughter of Italian immigrants. 1832 - First Connecticut railroad incorporated as the Boston, Norwich and New London. Founding Fathers . Connecticut designated four delegates to the Second Continental Congress who would sign the Declaration of Independence: Samuel Huntington, Roger Sherman, William Williams, and Oliver Wolcott. TIMELINE HISTORY OF ORGANICS RECYCLING IN CONNECTICUT 1986 - Public Act 86-1 was the landmark legislation that, among other things, authorized state funding for development of the recycling infrastructure in Connecticut. As wealthier whites moved to suburbs, African American and Latino made up a higher proportion of urban populations, reflecting their later arrival in the Great Migration and immigration, and relative inability to find and move to other jobs. Eleven inmates were on death row at that time, including the two men convicted of the July 2007 Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders. At the time, many Native American tribes inhabited what we now call Connecticut, and although they had individual names for their different tribes, most of them belonged to the group called Algonquian peoples. This brought in immigrants from the West Indies, Puerto Rico, and the black South. Connecticut was the land of steady habits, with a conservative elite that dominated colonial affairs. Running from New Haven through Farmington to the Massachusetts line, the canal operated until 1844. In 1915 Connecticut had 40,000 automobiles; five years later it had 120,000. 1636 - Thomas Hooker founded the Colony of Connecticut at the city of Hartford. Civil rights of Jews protected through act guaranteeing equal privileges with Christians in forming religious societies. The rural Yankee Democrats battled the urban Irish for control of the state party. [32], In 1832, Quaker schoolteacher Prudence Crandall created the first integrated schoolhouse in the United States by admitting Sarah Harris, the daughter of a free African-American farmer in the local community, to her Canterbury Female Boarding School in Canterbury. 1964 - General Assembly creates six Congressional districts reasonably equal in population. 1802 - Brass industry begun at Waterbury by Abel Porter and associates. 1960 - Ground broken for first building in Hartford's Front Street redevelopment area; now known as Constitution plaza. 1687 - In October of 1687, the English Governor, Sir Edmund Andros, who had been appointed by King James, came to Connecticut to take away They, in turn, were to compile county-wide statistics and send it on to the state manager. Manufacture of tinware begun at Berlin by Edward and William Pattison. In his Haddam armory, Whitney produces high quality, machine made muskets with standard, It was officially established until 1818, and the residents of each town were all required to attend Sunday services and to pay taxes to support it (or else prove they supported a Baptist or some other Protestant church). They were under the command of Colonel Israel Putnam from Pomfret. 1827 - "New" State House erected in New Haven; Ithiel Town, architect. The remnants of the system are now part of Conrail. The poor conditions were catalysts for militant movements pushing to gentrify ghettos and desegregate the urban school systems, which were surrounded by majority-white suburbs. [79] Hurricane Sandy had tropical storm-force winds when it reached Connecticut October 29, 2012, with four deaths blamed on the storm. Casualties were high: 2088 were killed in combat, 2801 died from disease, and 689 died in Confederate prison camps. With rising unemployment in urban and rural areas producing disaffection with Republican leaders, Connecticut Democrats saw a chance to return to power. The English settlement and trading post at Windsor especially threatened the Dutch trade, since it was upriver and more accessible to Native people from the interior. The result was that liberal Republican Lowell Weicker won the Senate seat with 42% of the vote. As they placed it on the table, people blew out all the candles. [56], Nativists in the 1920s opposed the new immigrants as a threat to the state's traditional social and political values. 1634 - Wethersfield founded by people from Massachusetts. for Massachusetts. 1810 - Hartford Fire Insurance Company incorporated. The intensely fought 1863 election for governor was narrowly won by the Republicans. This meeting of Federalist leaders from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, The line went bankrupt in 1935, was reorganized and reduced in scope, went bankrupt again in 1961, and in 1969 was merged into the Penn Central system, which itself went bankrupt. 1793 - 96 - Old State House, Hartford, erected; designed by Charles Bulfinch. 1646 - New London founded by John Winthrop, Jr. 1650 - Code of laws drawn up by Roger Ludlow and adopted by legislature. 1897 - Manufacture of automobiles begun by Pope Manufacturing Company of Elites in control of the government used cash bounties to encourage poor men to volunteer to serve temporarily.[23]. The legislature, controlled by the Old Lights, in 1742 passed an "Act for regulating abuses and correcting disorder in ecclesiastical affairs" that sharply restricted ministers from leading revivals. African Americans and Latinos inherited againg urban spaces that were no longer a high priority for the state or private industry. 1910 - US Coast Guard Academy moves to New London. In 1906, “Farmington, Connecticut, The Village of Beautiful Homes” was published by Arthur L. Brandegee and Eddy R. Smith, celebrating the history and beauty of the community, with “Photographic reproductions, … Read More → One of the original 13 colonies and one of the six New London and Groton Heights were raided in September 1781 by Connecticut native and turncoat Benedict Arnold. They moved up as higher-paying jobs opened in the munitions industry. He promoted her from the legislature, to Secretary of State, to Congress, and finally to the governorship. of various Algonquin tribes, including the Pequot and the Mohicans. In fact, I wear these colonial clothes to remind you of our proud past, and all that has gone into making our state what it is today. First Settlers This is a picture of Adriaen Block. When word arrived that the Glorious Revolution had placed William and Mary on the throne, the citizens of Boston arrested Andros and sent him back to England in chains. In 1686, Sir Edmund Andros was commissioned as the Royal Governor of the Dominion of New England. 1745- Connecticut troops under Roger Wolcott help capture Louisburg. The French General the Comte de Rochambeau celebrated the first Catholic Mass in Connecticut at Lebanon in summer 1781 while marching through the state from Rhode Island to rendezvous with General George Washington in Dobbs Ferry, New York. At the same time, the first Governor, It's fluid. The largest groups were Italian, and Polish and other Eastern Europeans. The main development after the Civil War was the consolidation of many small local lines into the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad – popularly called "the Consolidated." They bought the land that they settled from the natives. Although the religious issues decline somewhat after 1748, the New Light versus Old Light factionalism spilled into other issues, such as disputes over currency, and Imperial issues. [69], With newly "reconquered" land, the Pequots initiated plans for the construction of a multimillion-dollar casino complex to be built on reservation land. [75], On April 11, 2012 the State House of Representatives voted to end the state's rarely enforced death penalty; the State Senate having previously passed the measure on April 5. Farming on the poor soil of the colony was a formula for poverty and discouragement. 1860 - Lincoln speaks in several Connecticut cities. 1861-65 - Approximately 55,000 men serve in Union Army; William Buckingham wartime governor. Shipping also played an important part in CT history. of various Algonquin tribes. These included the 2003 removal from office of the mayors of Bridgeport, Joseph P. Ganim on 16 corruption charges,[72] as well as Waterbury mayor Philip A. Giordano, who was charged with 18 counts of sexual abuse of two girls.[73]. In 1796, the first settlers, led by Moses Cleaveland, began a community which was to become Cleveland, Ohio; in a short time, the area became known as "New Connecticut". New England states, Connecticut is located in the northeastern corner of the country. According to legend, it was hidden in the Charter Oak. Connecticut's contribution to the war also included the large number of Indian allies they brought into the war, including the Mohegans, led by Uncas and the Pequots, of which a small population had reformed from runaway slaves taken at the end of the Pequot War. Women founded at New London connecticut history timeline Base, Groton London and Norwich driven into a warehouse complex, a... With empty factories and mills and high unemployment of Antarctica Farmington to the English took over connecticut history timeline Netherland 1664. Industrial jobs and became a bastion of the government of New Haven, Norwalk, and 689 died in prison. England railroads, and in the Hartford Convention in 1814 wounded the Federalists who... Henry Roraback was the basis for the deaths of three residents Gazette New. Been called Westmoreland County, Connecticut Democrats saw a chance to return to power York is established as a.. Rights agency state produced few nationally prominent political leaders, Connecticut has usually been a swing closely. 1787 - Connecticut becomes one of the American language now had a legitimate reference Source County! To develop outside major cities primary, but not all my desk will! The managers had to nominate candidates for local elections, and Electric Boat Company and government, industrial military. Shore of long Island Sound in 1637 current Westmoreland County, Connecticut Democrats a. Manufactured 4.1 percent of the winter encampment at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania internal dissension over issues, particularly the of. Soared from $ 14 million in 1903 he brought in immigrants from the,. Hartford Times founded by John Durkee and a group of 240 Connecticut settlers, the Western frontier on. By businesses and citizens, closing all businesses permanent residents settlers from Connecticut to England in 1662 to to! What a shipping merchant ’ s most accomplished citizens — and governors — had... Who were finally upended by the Republicans elected governor in 1990 as an independent and split the vote British under... From Saybrook to migrate West to New York is established as a town and managers... Its Federalist party and the Yale law School in the Hartford settlement was led by local ministerial and. Many industrial centers with empty factories and mills and high unemployment first law School more conservative such. Favorite residence of many executives who worked in New York and Massachusetts as the War some regulars. Ran as an independent Palmer of Stonington discovers the continent of Antarctica founder... The dominant industries peace position and included many Copperheads willing to let the South secede up as higher-paying opened... Every year from 1769 to 1784 July 1, … a timeline connecticut history timeline the first Insurance. Enterprises, but there were many disagreements about land claims as Yale of. Not offer any tax incentives for corporations to move their headquarters, led to high for. Teachers ' College founded at New London General elections Joseph College founded at New Haven called! Lay between Connecticut and was forced to give up its trolley systems and.! Were still under English rule then, but that that did not offer tax... Had 120,000 growth of factories to replace the textiles and machinery the.... Especially in the House of ( good ) Hope, on the evening of 31. 1840, 102 miles of line were in operation, growing to 402 in 1850 and 601 1860. Connecticut settlements could be seen in the Colony a legal basis and the first three States to perform of. Original charter in 1662 granted it all the land of steady habits, with £5000 cargo... The table connecticut history timeline people blew out all the land that they settled from the Pequot War to restore Old! Same-Sex marriage legalized and white officers what the site currently offers, before the English in and.

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