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Our customers also benefit from 3 hours free parking on site in the multistory … Franchise Today! The gaze-selecting technology makes the book easy to navigate and provides information about roles and rules of the game. The solution is especially for those who want to open a VR park with several gaming areas. Initial training will be held at the headquarters. International Stadium: Skills and precision are key to master this environment focused on performance. Before we explore the markets soon to be transformed by VR, let us take a brief look at the technology that will power the transformation. Pair your passion with purpose. A USA franchise allows for the flexibility of business ownership without so much pressure. However, it’s not just the Klingons you’ll have to worry about in the new Star Trek: Bridge Crew The Next Generation DLC. VR has three publications that are focused on three different target audiences. There Will Be Changes in Teleconferencing. The ONLY AMERICAN OWNED FRANCHISE TRADE SHOW COMING TO TAMPA! To open a single business brokers location, the company requires that potential franchisees have liquid assets of at least $13,950. Use your piloting skills to lead your team to victory in two multiplayer modes. You don’t have to take on the Trackmania challenges alone. Enter a corrupted digital simulation created by a brilliant but troubled scientist, Raymond Hayes. The game is also fully playable on traditional platforms PS4, Xbox One and PC, bringing this unique and disturbing narrative experience to everyone. VR Franchise Expo Tampa on Oct 26, 2019 in Tampa, FL at Tampa Convention Center. Match your needs with customizable input for controls on every platform. Contact VR for all your buying or selling business needs including valuations, appraisals, and franchise consulting. Highly replayable, Trackmania can provide you with a diversified gaming experience by blending arcade-style racing with the perfect track building toolbox: thanks to the revamped and easy to use Trackbuilder, you will be able to design an infinite number of outlandish tracks. Star Trek™: Bridge Crew puts you and your friends in the heart of a starship. VR Territory is actively looking to License its brand and core system in USA, Canada and Europe. Werewolves Within also allows players to employ a variety of natural gestures that enhance the social experience even further. With the implementation of a structured and systematized business model, the growth achieved by Virtual Sting in several markets across the U.S. has been significant and impressive. They employ the latest technologies in tracking, computing, and visual display to trick your brain into believing that the fantastic is real. Virtual Sting is a flourishing entertainment concept that is capturing the attention of all generations. We provide entrepreneurs looking for a business opportunity the chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting, new, easy-to-operate concept. With vegetation taking over its right and wild animals playing hide and seek in the city, experience Paris in a great new setting. Race on the 200 head-spinning tracks included in-game, set in 4 beautiful environments, each with their own gameplay style. This is no RPG, you stumble into Raymond’s experiment with your own experience and must interpret events for yourself. Battlefield Blowing minds in VR since 2015. Completely reworked, Trackmania will let you experience a brand new art direction based on racing culture elements. Please Note: The operators of VR Business Brokers, may not have verified the accuracy of the Franchise information contained within this website. Follow-up or individualized responses to you that involve either effecting or attempting to effect the sale of a franchise will be made only if we are first in compliance with state registration requirements, or are covered by an applicable state exclusion or exemption, © 2019 vrstingfranchise.com I Designed by. You can own and operate an Entermisssion VR escape room franchise in a new location or licence our VR escape room in your existing FEC, escape room or other entertainment centre to provide your guests with incredible adventures that combine escape room challenges and puzzles with unique interactivity and memorable immersion with hand tracking, haptics that create vibrations you can feel and … Begun in 2017 in Richmond Hills by Victor Wang and Paul Doucet, the business model has been carefully designed and perfected through countless hours, ultimately developing into a solid launch pad for brand recognition within the industry. Franchises in the USA work because they deliver goods or services in a consistent manner, regardless of location. Complete one of our forms and we will guide you on the next steps in owning your own Virtual Sting franchise. the growing VR market! Players can enable Whisper mode by tilting their head to activate a private channel with the player next to them, just as in real life when there’s a secret to share. VR Publications - Communications is a key factor in the success of any business. 50 years after humans vanished from the face of the Earth, nature reclaimed the city of Paris, leaving a breathtaking playground. Development territories may … Recover a fragmented family as you shift back and forth between each individual’s perspective and piece together the mystery of their lives. If approved, you will be ready to launch your own Virtual Sting franchise! As officers of the Federation, every action and decision you make together will determine the fate of your ship and crew. You will be plunged into the experiment of a troubled scientist, a corrupted digital simulation of his family formed using their collective brain data. If you're interested in learning more about centertec VR franchises, click here to request more information. Franchise business opportunities for sale. In one game, a player might be a villager trying their hardest to cleanse the town of werewolves, while minutes later they could be the werewolf, lying and betraying friends in order to survive the vote. Take flight through the skies of Paris with the sound of the wind in your ears and experience absolute freedom as you soar past magnificent landmarks. The Trench contains stunning beauty and undiscovered wonders, but also strange anomalies and dangers yet unknown. Virtual Sting sits in a great position in the franchise market with a strong operating model in place and a strong differentiation from the rest of the competition in the franchise marketplace. In Star Trek: Bridge Crew, the Federation dispatches you and your crew to command the new vessel, USS Aegis, as part of a critical initiative. As a bird of prey, you will use the highest point of view to locate opponents and dive towards them to take them down. The game offers full interactivity in VR on PlayStation®VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Werewolves Within keeps players on their toes, constantly questioning each other and testing their personal judgement. Werewolves Within is a fast-paced game of hidden roles and social deduction for five to eight players. Sell your US franchise business for sale. Meet our friendly management team & you’ll discover what makes us succeed in our industry. How do I get started? Want to talk and strategize in secret? Canyon Drift: Drift your way through this North American grand valley. The game will be available in VR (PlayStation®VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) and traditional platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC) Fall 2018. Generally, we require access to a minimum of $75,000 non-borrowed personal liquid assets (cumulative of all partners) to consider interested parties for a VRKADE franchise. Save and share your best tracks to challenge other players. Feel free to do your research and follow the process to be one step closer to opening your own location. How many franchise locations do they have? Your mission: explore a largely uncharted sector of space known as the Trench in hopes of locating a suitable new home world for the decimated Vulcan populace. Altair VR. Virtual reality escape room is a place in which guests can escape the physical world to be transported to other realities to complete challenges in alternate dimensions or scary versions of ours. Professional Telemarketing Services - VR offers professional telemarketing services to its franchisees through a US-based third-party professional telemarketing company. For unparalleled immersion, VR is tuned to plunge you into a world of emotional intensity. Roles are randomly assigned at the beginning of each game, ensuring each game is different from the last. Join Us Now. This is not a franchise offering. Insane weapons, from Sunblasters to Bioguns, let you use different angles and both of your hands to combine your weapons of choice when stalking and taking down your opponents. Search over 75 franchise business opportunities for sale in the US to find the franchise that suits you. It was the first company to develop team-based VR escape game for gaming centers. As an eagle, you soar past iconic landmarks, dive through narrow streets, and engage in heart-pounding aerial dog fights to protect your territory from opponents. Fly through Paris, from the very top of the Eiffel tower to the narrow streets that lead to the Notre-Dame cathedral. A VR arcade pilot has been run for The VOID’s VR theme park in Utah, USA. 220 … Owning a VR Business Brokers business-related franchise can be a lucrative business, but it does have some initial financial requirements. Star Trek™: Bridge Crew puts you and your friends in the heart of a starship. Eagle Flight gives you the absolute liberty to explore Paris from a bird’s eye view! Franchises for sale in the US. Join us for an hour of play in our VR centre. Franchises under £10,000 Franchises under £20,000 Franchises under £30,000 Franchises under £40,000 Franchises under £50,000 Franchises under £60,000 Franchises under £70,000 Franchises under £80,000 Franchises under £90,000 Franchises under £100,000 Franchises under £200,000 Franchises under £300,000 Franchises under £400,000 Franchises under £500,000 Any Amount Join the community online and enjoy a virtually infinite number of new tracks created by the other players. Our brand has been built on a firm foundation and is now seeking qualified candidates for an enticing franchise offering. Team up with a friend and control one car with two controllers. The International VR Franchise Show brings you to the forefront of technology and franchise exploration. The adventures continue with Ongoing Voyages, where you will have the choice of tackling missions aboard the USS Aegis, the original bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, or the unforgettable Enterprise D. This mode features randomized missions for countless hours of solo and co-op gameplay. centertec are launching the world’s first virtual reality (VR) franchise store, opening the door to VR appearing in shopping centres near you very soon. With a special guidebook in hand, players congregate to vote and eliminate any and all possible werewolves hiding disguised in the village. Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind, in both VR and on traditional platforms. Go hands-on to search for clues, solve puzzles and discover the corrupted consciousness of a family. Death comes fast and hard from all directions as you speed & fight through orbital arenas (“orenas”) designed specifically to kill and built to thrill! We have watched a successful, scalable concept spring to life and are now seeking to share this concept throughout Canada and the United States. Where there once was a void in the diversion market, Virtual Sting has strategically filled it. Play with this intuitive toolbox to design your own crazy outlandish tracks or spice up your experience by generating random ones. Or contact us directly by phone +1 844 615 8194 or email at sales@rvilab.com. The game has been designed to ensure immersion in the most natural way, creating the feeling of comfortably sitting around the table. So sit down, gather with friends, and get ready to sniff out which of your friends are lying, and which are telling the truth! Shift between the three perspectives of a family and unravel the mystery hiding in this mind-bending psychological thriller. If you thought space was hostile before… just wait until you play in the dirty bowl! Lagoon Rollercoaster: Defy gravity in a tropical paradise archipelago. Our vision is to provide the best VR experience and to be the most recognizable brand in the VR arcade business segment. With innovative and intuitive controls, you quickly learn to perform impressive aerial maneuvers in the blink of an eye. Werewolves Within makes it easy to manage a friends list, and allows players to play with their favorite group. Situational awareness gets vertical as opponents come at you fast, hard, up, down, sideways and backwards! VR Business Sales / Mergers & Acquisitions are proud of its heritage as the leader in sales and transfer of the privately-held business since 1979. Over 1 million plays worldwide. With the latest VR technology at our back and proven operational practices propelling us forward, Virtual Sting is eager to introduce the rest of the world to our fun VR experience! You are now part of the elite Tribes of gun-slinging Spacers who battle it out in treacherous 2v2 and 1v1 battles. Through 40 exclusive and free VR tracks in Arcade and Campaign modes, players will enjoy the spectacular jumps, loops and wall-rides of Trackmania Turbo, specifically redesigned to make the best use of virtual experience. In Transference, you will be immersed in an unsettling psychological thriller with all of the tension of a suspense film, combining live-action footage with environmental storytelling to unlock haunting emotions that lingers long after you put the controller down. We offer to purchase our two products, Immersive and Infinite, with which you can accommodate up to 12-14 players at the same time. We integrate the latest in VR hardware, movie quality real-time motion capture technology, and exclusive AAA game experiences to deliver the best VR experience in the world to our guests. Virtual Sting management team will offer unrivaled training and support to each franchisee as they join the Virtual Sting family. Are there any Sandbox VR franchise opportunities near me? Now people play our games in more than 70 centers across the globe. Based on 2018 FDD data, Sandbox VR has franchise locations in 0 states. Making us the most cost effective virtual Reality Centre in the UK. It is inevitable that franchise systems will need to embrace AR and VR as part of their brand strategies – not just for use in franchise training but also for use in franchise marketing, franchisee induction and employee initiation and outlet design. Communicate and stay in sync or you’ll crash! Top Reasons to Attend: DiscoverNetwork with and virtually tour many of the top franchise brands in the country. Franchise. Players utilize specific roles and abilities, and the power of persuasion to assess, deduce, and win the round. Trying to connect everyone by phone and talking to … By uniting the biggest voices in the industry, The Great American Virtual Franchise Expo allows its patrons to experience the essence of franchising from the comfort of their own home. A visceral, jetpack-fueled VR Arcade Shooter where you fly through deadly Orbital Arenas in HOSTILE SPACE, facing off in extreme battles! Transference™ is a collaboration between SpectreVision and Ubisoft Montreal and aims to bridge the gap between movies and games. Virtual Sting is a flourishing entertainment concept that is capturing the attention of all generations. Available for play with VR headsets and without, the Virtual Reality mode developed for Star Trek: Bridge Crew offers a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek universe. Dirty Valley: Jump through the hills in an immersive countryside setting. Experience a true multiplayer adrenaline rush with up to 6 players! The weird and wonderful physics of micro-gravity are your Virtual Playground! Available for play with VR headsets and without, the Virtual Reality mode developed for Star Trek: Bridge Crew offers a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek universe. Franchises Under $10,000 Franchises Under $20,000 Franchises Under $30,000 Franchises Under $40,000 Franchises Under $50,000 Franchises Under $60,000 Franchises Under $70,000 Franchises Under $80,000 Franchises Under $90,000 Franchises Under $100,000 Franchises Under $200,000 Franchises Under $300,000 Franchises Under $400,000 Franchises Under $500,000 Any Amount Dodge, weave and fly through hostile space environments and 360° orbital battlefields! Each role gives players special information or abilities, so whether they are The Werewolf, The Watcher, The Gossip, or some other role, they can use the information they have to help or hinder the hunt. Whether playing a vigilant villager or a devious werewolf, no two games are ever the same. In this truly first-person narrative mystery it is you, who will explore the story of a family told through the walls of their home. Project yourself into a narrative experience that combines Hollywood with gaming. There are dozens more questions to be answered, but in the end it all comes down to what youre playing, and there are eight franchises that are deserving of the VR treatment ASAP. Business opportunity to be your own boss! It is even prouder knowing that it has helped hundreds of thousands of families live the American dream of business ownership. Beware! The company’s operating model is simple and has been structured with well-defined processes and reordering systems in place, allowing for ease of replication. Avatarico develops VR games for location-based entertainment since 2014. Brands including SEGA, MGM, Bounce and Vodafone partner with us for their VR entertainment needs. Ask us any and all questions you can think of about our franchise and we’ll be glad to inform you! Players of Trackmania Turbo can now experience something they have never seen before: intense speed and a driving sensation as if they were inside the vehicle. Players can stand up to take the floor with Monologue, silencing other players for a brief period of time so they can plead their innocence or make a case for accusing someone without interruption.

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