difference between submit and reset button in html


But how can you, on the server-side, differentiate between products? html documentation: Checkbox and Radio Buttons. Submit button: On click of this button or if Enter Key is pressed, invokes the "On Click" action of the button. I have been using a text variable in labelYourBMI2. Button can be used anywhere as a general purpose. Submit button is added for a form. Submit & Reset Buttons. When submit is clicked it triggers to the address written in the "action" attribute of form element. Jeder Submit-Button hat ein individuelles name-Attribut, mit dem die Anwendung auf dem Server den Datensatz identifiziert. HTML5 introduced new attributes FormAction and FormMethod, we can use this method to define the action name and form method like get, post, edit etc. My Problem I think is around line 70. formaction in button- oder input type=submit. tools. Also, how can I retrieve a value using reset function? The HTML