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A Potted History of St. Mark’s Church
…ln the early 1900’s the Village of Haydock was expanding and the Population Increasing and in 1904 Dr. Chavasse, the Bishop of Liverpool suggested forming a separate parish as distinct from the Mother Parish of St. James’. The coal mines formed the major industry in the Village and the majority of the early stalwarts were connected with the collieries in and around the district.
Under the leadership of that Protestant stalwart Mr. John Robinson, they undertook to pay the stipend of a Curate-in-charge and the plan to build the present church was started in 1905 when the Bishop instituted the Rev. Travers Stoney M.A., to be in charge of the newly formed “District of St. Mark’s”.
Rev Travers Stoney M.A. (1905 – 1910)
For the first Five years the services were held in the infant School Park Street and during this time £4,600 had been raised towards the £6,000 needed for the new church…
…The land on which the Church is built was donated by Lord Newton and the foundation stone was laid by him on 14th November 1908. The Church was opened free from debt on St. Mark’s Day 25th April 1910. The Church was not consecrated owing to some trouble with the roof until Saturday 250 June, when the Bishop performed the ceremony at 3 p.m. It is true to say that Mr Stoney laid the spiritual foundation at St. Mark’s.

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