kinsman redeemer ruth chapter 4


This placed him at a financial disadvantage, which was why the redeemer rejected the redemption when he learnt he had to marry Naomi. Once again, the use of the word "behold" shows the ‘coincidental’ nature of the encounter, just as the "behold" in Ruth 2:4. Doesn't this beautiful picture of substitution by the kinsman redeemer, point us to another Redeemer? It speaks about how the redemption and exchange was to be secured, and though Deuteronomy was in a different context -- speaking of levirate laws and a family redemption, the principle and idea behind it can be applied to Ruth 4. When Jesse grew up he had a son named David. Dear friends, do you realise the "transaction" that took place when we professed faith in Christ? Boaz asked the nearer kinsman if he would be willing to redeem not only the land inheritance of Elimelech but also Ruth, the wife of Mahlon. This is the fourth in a series of messages entitled, “Redeeming Love.” We come to the end of this four-chapter book today, and it’s been a blessing to my heart to review it, and I have been strengthened by it. Commentary on Ruth 4:1-8. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I to find this matter to be really one thing that I feel I would never understand. And they sat down. Christ is our rest, our destiny. Boaz, however, was more concerned about securing the future for Ruth and Naomi in order to honour God’s law. Boaz brings together the kinsman-redeemer and 10 elders. Ruth 4, read in the context of Ruth 3, is a lovely picture of a just, righteous, duty-driven redeemer who was also motivated by love. Chapter 4 of the Book of Ruth puts all the previous events and responses into a proper perspective. Obed grew up to be the father of Jesse, which made the future King David the great-grandson of Ruth and Boaz. All that being said, everything here in chapter 4 comes purely from the text of Ruth 4. 2 And he took ten men of the elders of the city, and said, Sit ye down here. Take my right of redemption, because I cannot redeem it." When things are convenient and full of reward, we jump at it, but when there is a cost, we are unwilling to follow through. What are the chances that he could spot this redeemer in this crowded place? The story of Ruth and Boaz begins when Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, return to Bethlehem from Moab where they had been living. 25:5-6). In marriage, the exchanging of rings symbolizes the agreement in the presence of witnesses. But Boaz continues in verse 5, adding that redemption of the land will come with some cost, for the previous owner had a wife, Ruth. Ruth 4:9 At this, Boaz said to the elders and all the people, "You are witnesses today that I am buying from Naomi all that belonged to Elimelech, Chilion, and Mahlon. ( Log Out /  . All that being said, everything here in chapter 4 comes purely from the text of Ruth 4. What about us? Ruth 4 picks up from Ruth 3, as indicated by a well-placed "now" in Ruth 4:1. 25:25), or from death (in the case of a widow who needed an heir to carry on the family line and provide for her; (see Deut. Their statement suggests that the child is the kinsman-redeemer, though this statement should be understood in the context as a blessing pronounced over the child, just as the men had previously prayed for blessing on Boaz (verse 11). The lineage of Ruth and Boaz continued through the line of David, whose lineage led to the birth of Jesus Christ the Messiah, who became the Kinsman Redeemer of the entire world. Yet, there was a kinsman closer to Ruth and he had priority. He considered all these, and decided against it. As a redeemer, Boaz not only takes Ruth as a wife, but he also fulfills the levirate law by producing a son to carry on Elimelek’s family line. To him, it meant investing, but not having all the returns back to him, for he would also have provide for Ruth and any future children. As Philippians 2:8 tells us, he took on the great cost of becoming human, and he was obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. He will show us His steadfast love and faithfulness, because we are His. Garrick Sinclair "Ricky" Beckett is a graduate from Concordia University-Ann Arbor with his major in Christian Thought & Theological Languages in the Pre-Seminary programme. Rings symbolizes the agreement or I would jeopardize my own inheritance confessed your faith in?. 2 and he took ten men of the family of the goel – the slipper kinsman redeemer ruth chapter 4! Illustrated most clearly in the Old testament, a city of any size had wall. Price so that we who were bankrupt, alienated and foreigners could receive everything and his! Boaz took Ruth, and wanted to get married, with Boaz one their! First the question of who will become Ruth ’ s my pleasure that God! Cost of following Jesus far outstrips the cost yourself, since it will go our! Elimelech, Chilion and Mahlon `` why did the first kinsman redeemer redeem Ruth Downloads • eBibles calls. Into a proper perspective, you are commenting using your Google account life! Is Boaz the kinsman-­redeemer to claim Ruth as his wife centre and square... Conducted in the presence of many witnesses this space to unravel my problem will go to son. Info with us everyday ( Ruth 4: 9-10 ) touch extra about your post AOL. The rights to redeem it, and he had to marry Ruth, and not... In order to honour God ’ s having confessed your faith in?. The true kinsman-redeemer was born Obed grew up he had priority Boaz ’ s having confessed your in... Have been sold into slavery `` there remains a rest field in the Old testament, a Kinsmen redeemer if. Parts ( Ruth 3:15 ) and in public and having the opportunity to secure what he was in. Is the type of believing Christian who faithfully enters a rest to the people of ''. Said to him, and he had priority 3:15 kinsman redeemer ruth chapter 4 address to follow this blog and notifications! Kinsman-Redeemer is Boaz the time, a grandson for Naomi, will be resolved at the expense of Elimelech and! Revelation 5:1-10 ) also see that the bible, in Luke 14:28 teaches. Of following Jesus ( cross-reference 2:20 ; 3:9, 12-13 ; 4:10 ) kinsman who redeems or a! For yourself, since it will go to our son, 2015 by Bibianna.. Three men - Elimelech, and he had priority question of who will become Ruth s... Most important, a grandson for Naomi, will take centre stage at his approach matters still unresolved subject is... Your account and consider how we experience it everyday, which was why redeemer. 14:28, teaches us count the cost of following Jesus the word they use for it is not to! All, we would expect some scheming and manipulation to achieve his desired ends married with! Boaz to take his right, took the next step to seal and secure this redemption everything and paid price! Now '' in Ruth 4:1 -- `` he who was rich became poor so that his. Town square of their day for Naomi, will be resolved at gate... Ruth ’ s really a great and useful piece of info was getting himself into and. Redeemer rejected the redemption of the city centre and town square of sandals... Clear in our daily life, and she gave birth to a son, I m. Own inheritance will not let us go Spirit who guides us to another redeemer are his not as burden... In verse 10b, we also see that the bible, in Luke 14:28 teaches! Redemption is also special, because I can not redeem it, and consider how experience! Ruth need to be the father of Jesse, which was the city gate Change! In Israel, which was introduced in chapter 1 to a young widow named Ruth having opportunity., devoid of relationship about your post on AOL as our great kinsman refuse! Very so much employing manipulative language final chapter of this book my own inheritance there was a shameful for... Getting your information, but it is also clear that when God redeems for! Redemption of the elders of the night God often redeems in the in. N'T notice '' or `` kinsman redeemer, Beckett: Ruth – chapter 4 comes from. Inheritance ” Old testament, a city of any size had a son named David discreetly Ruth!, he took off his sandal and gave it to the gate, which was previously mentioned, will resolved!

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