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The main actor never said goodbye to their viewers unlike the actor who died in last eps.. so many rumors from the staff said they already film s2.. so I need to wait because this drama really amazing to watch.. Black parade Nov 23 2019 7:20 pm Click on any of the names below to see a map for that name. They are loveable!! Because it's an open ending, it successfully leaves a big impression on viewers. Madelyn Nov 23 2019 7:51 pm ?? will there be a season 2 for vagabond???? Jun ji hyun and song joongi or suzy and park bo gum please, © AsianWiki.com. I'm so excited for Suzy and Lee Seung Gi runion! puja Oct 14 2019 7:40 pm Ben Apr 29 2020 9:17 am Personally, Suzy is not my favourite but so far she did good, LSG too. Looking forward on this drama. This is unique..??? can't wait too watch this, Bob Nov 17 2018 1:53 am There's no way that kind of fight can be won legally with the kind of power Samael and his organization wilds, Dal geon and Haeri don't even have power, let alone enough of it, the presidency is under their thumb. Can it air in March, please, I really want to watch it!!!!! Thumbs up?? What I learned from this drama, especially the last episode is, revenge is never ended up good. can't waitttt! The ending triggered me....Season 2 is a need 100% will not let this go until it is made... Dera Nov 23 2019 4:56 pm eszen a. vallente Oct 20 2019 7:31 am Bad guy everywhere. But really see the importance of the whole drama and the passion, commitment and love that everyone played - it wasn’t a joke !!!! Great acting cast, impeccable action scenes and great chemistry between the leads. Faboulos!! Vagabond hasn't dropped the intrigue or tension since the beginning. mmm Dec 13 2019 1:06 am Both Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy did their best. I need season 2. A meaningful ending would probably have taken two more episodes. Explore Your Tree. Sltns Sep 21 2019 4:20 pm If there's not, I'm gonna be really mad because the ending was a total cliffhanger. At least an announcement. Vagabond Jjang Oct 26 2019 1:47 pm I hope by the time goes by, this drama will improve the storyline. I hope it reaches the 30% ratings its aiming for. I need Vagabond 2. Venus Dec 06 2020 11:14 pm marlyn Sep 13 2019 6:53 am It was made for South Korean TV. Lol Who said there is going to be a season 2? I was excited after their pairing from Gu Family Book but I guess, I expected too much from here. I Love Kdrama Sep 22 2019 2:11 pm I'm sure there will be season2. Tom. I feel sad that LSG is stealing Suzy away from him T_T. minnie04 Nov 07 2019 11:26 pm Can these two get happy ending for once? Its that type of drama that u couldn’t just wait till all of its episode aired so you’ll be having a marathon later, no. She is just potraying her character in which she is a rookie agent and is more about using fist . seung gi as lovable as he's ever been, the entire cast is great, the production is a+, action sequences are a++, the story is easy to follow but not too predictable. Season 2 Please! So frustrating. This promising show has turned up to be a unpleasant waste of time.We are left hanging up in the air after 16 episodes, literally in the middle of nowhere. 2. So, from It has been a week but I still think about the continuation after the ending and what could happen to both Cha and Hae-ri. i ship gi tse ung with go hae ri moreeeeeeeeeeee tbh i dun think cha dal geon and go hae ri suit each other, i want gi tae ung and go hae ri to end up tgttttttttttttttt but i kno thats not gonna happen ?? Lee seung gi - famous actor jane Aug 13 2018 12:15 am K fanatic Nov 10 2019 9:10 am Worth to watch guys! I love it. The last 10 mins were so rushed and im just so lost and confused- like what did i just watch-? Not in term of fighting ability, look or whatever. And yes although a stuntman has great physical abilities, Seung-Gi’s character is too perfect for an ordinary citizen. Lilith Jan 28 2020 10:59 pm The male lead character is immature and reckless, which is unlike any other Korean drama. ?? Hyu bin. He becomes convinced that someone or some group sabotaged his nephew's flight. You wanna say he doesn't have a plan to avoid being suspicious? is this finish? Browse profiles of historical people with the Haeri last name. This drama is produced by the company she is signed to, I know they just had a drama together but I'm just so greedy <3, Dooley Mar 05 2018 2:28 am sophia Nov 23 2019 2:09 pm Loi May 04 2020 4:33 am @lan the actor who plays Gon on GFB is sung joon he is not in this drama ^^ Zintia Sep 28 2019 11:15 pm Yasin Türk Mar 22 2020 7:35 am ? I need some satisfaction! Shin Sung Rok makes it happen ????? When is Netflix, Vagabond, Season 2 to air? I think the script could be better than this. The series is great. BearH Mar 29 2020 9:24 pm Much love all the way from Philippines. Season2Pls Nov 23 2019 1:43 pm I love this show for it's action and its reality check on government. Nino Corre Nov 02 2019 3:52 am Or they could add that Lilly girl, she wasn't that bad in the end. Wooow....can't wait! @Chaterine I hope its not, I don't think the actors will accept this kind of k drama nor movie with this kind of ending. Kdramaadidict Jun 05 2018 10:35 am How can i get second lead syndrome while there is Lee Seung Gi as the first with that hot role? Its2amlove Mar 20 2019 1:55 am Oh wow best k drama ever..am intrigued and in love with this drama..lee seungi,bae Suzy and everyone is doing exceptional work...hat off writernim,director and all crew members. Armand 4. I don't like the ending. Why would an undercover NIS agent (Suzy) have her ID at her home? Please don't leave us hanging.... We've been waited for the last 2 episodes to be released.. Hope you will release the last episode tomorrow November 23,2019. @korean drama sometimes you have to fight dirty to win a dirty fight. ? The plot often frustrates me because almost everyone in the drama is evil. suzy is getting more like ha ji won, we need actresses like that more action drama this 2019 please. Terry Jun 05 2018 7:57 am Bel Nov 24 2019 7:32 am glims22 Nov 30 2019 1:07 pm Seriously he should try to at least control his temper. Tbh, I just don't like the politics talk but other than that I love it. Excellent, excellent, excellent . And Vagabond made me stay waiting for the next episodes, the cast and cinematography looks promising.Hopefully it will be great and interesting for the rest episodes. If you like talking quizes you will for sure like this! Worth watching if you have time to spare and nothing else you want to watch I guess. It's only the ending I have been disappointed. Lee Seung Gi you took away my sleepiness while watching you on this drama especially the last scenes on 1st episode. Spoiler: Jazz Dec 20 2018 4:24 am Pouya Nov 23 2019 6:10 pm Thank you. I think Lee Seung Gi will get the Daesang Award this year 2019 in the SBS Drama. But got disappointed at the ending. Azwa Sep 21 2019 8:33 am Wow! Seems suspicious already. there must be a season 2 as there is still no ending, too many things to get wrap up in the end tho ~_~', overall nice story 9/10. good guys became terrorists, what was the motivation Actually she really doing good here, I can feel her emotion when the crying part. Aivilo Nov 02 2019 5:54 am And if the season 2 will happen, please let Lily be Dalgeon's trusted friend and will become the 3rd party of Dalgeon and HaeRi's love story. Hey! But if I will choose just one, Lee Seung Gi is the best of the best. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, irfan Sep 21 2019 1:36 pm The drama is not bad so far but let me be honest, Shin Sung ROK saves most of the scenes in this drama. Ep.14 will not air on Friday, November 8, 2019 due to airing of a baseball game between South Korea and Cuba. OMG is this a movie?lol the cinemathography looks amazing the cast looks great, another blockbuster drama this year... i'm gonna anticipate this for suzy! Soon, Cha Dal-Geon and Go Hae-Ri uncover a far darker and more sinister conspiracy than they expected. I think the real culprit is Edward Park. Am I the only one who think they looks similar ? Your name … We were not even Korean The first episode was so full of emotions and so intense but then later, it got dragged out. I read an online article that said, “Vagabond” cast and crew never discussed the possibility of a second season when promoting the drama ahead of its start. Can't wait to see these two together. I'm just gonna watch for Lee Seung Gi, sorry Suzy! Such a big loophole at epi 2. So they might have to wait until we solve the corona virus crisis. babisama Nov 23 2019 10:01 am The Best Drama currently! But the main lead seems too perfect to just be a stuntman, he does unbelievable stunts and fighting scenes, if he was originally a runaway agent that came back to avenge his nephew's death from the very beginning, that could have been quite believable. I hope she stars in an excellent drama next as the lead. If he want to take down someone that is not the way to do it as there are so many things that will stop him. This drama start from September???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you can release a new song soon! Because i miss shin sung rok ? The plot was very intringuing too. She become more confident with gun and the interrogation scene. I don’t like tha ending.l just wasted my time. You always work hard and gave your all. Like..are u kidding me? [CDATA[ This can't be the last episode.... CLee Nov 23 2019 1:05 pm Is it last episode 16..but the story was not finished..hoping season 2 will come soon. Achyls Sep 07 2019 11:21 pm Can't wait to watch this! I am really upset... Noha Nov 23 2019 4:21 pm Cheri Nov 28 2019 11:03 am KAiLE Nov 27 2019 3:33 pm Am I breathing still and oh, who is breathing next to me? *-*, Coolgirl Feb 21 2018 12:14 pm But since they've been promoting it (also production delayed) with a high budget drama, I kinda of expect more epic drama. Look how Dal-Geon turned into a man who is just as worse as his nemesis, Jerome when he tortured him. maritess Sep 19 2019 11:23 pm So excited for this drama! noya.k Oct 27 2018 1:16 pm So we cannot tell what the "real" name of God is. High intense adrenaline scenes, and great storyline. She's a rookie who never supposed to take a field job which not her strong suit. 7. So good that I wish Hollywood should do an adaptation of this drama. This drama is a standing ovation. high budget drama with S+ Actor. Go Ara is a South Korean actress and model. It looks so good. No hate. I hope movies for ending story Cha Dal-Geon & Go Hae-Ri, raghda Nov 24 2019 6:13 am can't wait to wait for the next episode. i didn't realize this till someone pointed out but SPOILERS when dal geon killed the guy who made the plane blow on the last episode, he said something along the lines of "wheels turn around their axis". Paf paf, puf puf! Not good at all for these scenes..the rest are okay. I wish she was more bad ass with plenty of fight scene. Omg is this the recantation of Suzy and Sung GI from GI family book cuss I been waiting forever for this damn COLAB since that drama ended god I need GI family book2 it’s been for ever!!!!! I'm so so so hooked, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get over this drama when it airs completely. Slime Dec 10 2019 4:36 am OMG the teaser looks amazing!! this drama is a good contender for drama of the year with all the action and production value. one of the best series for this year, anticipate more from this drama! a mellas Nov 24 2019 8:14 pm nas Nov 10 2019 10:50 am The scenes of chasing after the guy who sabotaged the plan and the accomplice were so shaky (epi 1 & 2). Why is the hero Ysf Dec 01 2020 4:55 am I love this drama. They are really pissing me off. I must say Bae Suzy is even more beautiful now. I dont know....why a good drama for international fans not get best rating in korean? Actually, I hate watch on going drama. Jerome Oct 02 2019 4:13 pm Iris 2 and Athena which came after all had started great,only to lose audience on the way even with great cast. It's sad & disappointing Are you shy? Main caracter fight with the villain, and everybody know the main caracter will win, its not bad for movie cause take only one or two hours. Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree. the ending left me hanging what the hell? fan Mar 29 2020 11:14 pm Very Nice Drama I must say . Not that we doubted it at all. Ash Nov 08 2019 9:46 am Please let there be season 2. Boy Names. And if some biological weapons’ developers and other mercks get killed along the way - I call it some fortunate casualties of his revenge!!! I hope Lee Seung Gi will accept the role, so he can showcase another part of him being an actor. For lead female i hope park shin hye or Seol In Ah or Seolhyun. I Love Kdrama Sep 22 2019 2:06 pm After watching 2 ep. The only reason why Cha instead of the NIS, finally figured it's Edward all along was because those little clues he had that he didn't share with NIS. That's quite an interesting story, and it makes me think hard in each episode, i need for vagabond 2 as fast as I can. Hoping for a breathtakingly heart throbbing chemistry between you and one of my favorite actress Bae Suzy❤❤, Sandes Aug 23 2019 1:00 pm ending doesn't make any sense whats gonna happend to Edward Park? It has to be! Season 2 pls??? It leaves me with an impression, "I hope Cha and Hae-ri can find a way to take down Edward together". we have many questions but the ending is not the answer.. the one and only i hate crime, action, thriler drama is the ending sometime make me upset.. hmmmm yall only comment about the ending but never the drama itself. But even some of the most devoted hip-hop fans don't know the real names behind the rappers whose music they love. I am so agree Vagabond should have 80% rating. A. E Jul 03 2019 2:14 pm For the family of crash plane, why should they gather them in creepy room for physiological healing like in small, dark, with the so many written paper on the wall to with the sympathetic stament which make them even sad. Finally A teaser!! I can get enough of that drama... and now I will patiently wait till the drama aired.. (Wake me up till May Arrives!).. This drama keeps getting hotter ...... if u are here to read the comments about this drama whether to watch or not. 5. For all those negative comments, y’all need to wake up and realise that watch kdrama isn’t all about hot guys & pretty girls. Anyway I really loved this drama and I am waiting for more twist that is going to happen on the last 3 episodes. I thought it was a movie.. hyper Sep 21 2019 10:01 am Looks fun and well produced... abdoo May 30 2019 3:22 pm Lee seung gi's acting is excellent. I definitely think the plot is very interesting, they have good build up and twists which make me keep wanting to watch!! Luciel Sep 22 2019 7:36 am It's so open for an agent and someone might shoot them like the Jessica almost did. eszen a. vallente Oct 20 2019 7:25 am Peg02 Jan 19 2019 3:30 pm At the beginning of the series I thought there were too much of just running and fighting without any "heavy/serious" plot.. The writting, the actors, the big budget, etc they put in to this series are terrific. His action scenes are not exaggerated! You really need to pay attention to it to know what's happening. I honestly love the actors and actresses but the drama is getting dragged out for too long. I am gonna give an honest review of this drama. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); 1st episode was so great! Intense ,intense, the curiosity is always there. hyeong Dec 31 2018 1:00 am Without them this K-drama is a total mess. hwwyang Apr 27 2020 2:50 pm Superb! Apex, apex! ,??? Great action drama. Seems intense and awesome! Gu family book season 2 hahaha lol *joking only*. Also he's just toooo rough and violent....... but i get to see why, his nephew was his only family he had left, so he acts like there's nothing for him to lose anymore. JUST ONE!! I just wasted my time. And with Lilly and Kim Do-su? Melting Me Softly and When Camellia Blooms are just a snoozefest but Vagabond is never boring! Song hye kyo please Tenam Sep 21 2019 12:32 pm suzy has been getting a lot of offers right now wow okay but then in her interview she said that she is taking a break from acting for her music career. If they have the connection and the power they wont just let themselves be punished and dragged away to prison, they will have a plan to wiggle themselves out of their crime or just cover it up, as shown in the drama, or people forget about it because it either remains unsolved and is not interesting anymore due to lack of news or they make some bigger news.. thats probably what they thought to show us viewers... to be somewhat more realistic.. I hope Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo will be the leads but as long as it is Lee Seung Gi I will definitely gonna watch it.. They deserve better ratings cos this is the only drama now that is exciting. Action for the sake of action, like in American movies. The producers and the scriptwriters failed us badly. The main characters supposedly have a connection but their romance and chemistry isn't strong enough. Anything goes... Random Arabic villains popping from nowhere, random funeral held in a Portuguese cathedral, random Hebrew characters on computer screen, random talk in Spanish. looking back at the main poster, if you look carefully, near hwa sook, there is a red line pointing upwards and if you zoom in, it says "wheels turn around their axis". "Ever since I was a little kid, I … This drama is amazing! Cynthia Nov 23 2019 11:26 pm Lee Seung Gi plays a trained stuntman of note to his full potential! no no plssss. I can breathe when watching this because of how fast it is and I loveeeee it. The character i hate here however not GHR, but CDG. The problem isnt solve.hope season 2 must done. This Vagabond Drama is Cool .. Don't lose to the Action movie. After that they didn't show any episode for one week. I hope that someday that Lee Kyoung-Young will stop doing this kind of roles and if ever this show will have a Season 2 I hope he will be shown as the good guy. Anyway it just two episodes and so far I enjoyed it. Hala Apr 29 2020 11:26 pm Season 2 pleassssssssse...Suzy bae, Ken Aug 13 2020 7:11 am 8. I’m not much on action movies but got into vagabond and loved it, waiting on the ending also love the actors, thank God for translations. The name is actually a reference to UGK member Pimp C’s alias Tony Snow, and Megan told Vibe that “Tina is the more pimp-ish side of me. I LOVE them both act together. I hope there is season 2 ir additional episode to have a good ending. Justme Nov 08 2019 2:52 pm PoKeMoN Go Name Generator PoKeMoN Go Generation 2 Name Generator Game Idea Generator Map Idea Generator CSGO Name Generator Stumped on what to call yourself in CSGO? No doubt, it was interesting. There's this recurring idea of unification. best Korean drama everrrrrr. Omgomgomg! meer Oct 05 2019 11:00 am This is better than IRIS and I thought I'd never see the day any drama would be better than that classic. So the drama ends on the 7th of December, instead of the initial 23rd November. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); At least try watch it. No suzy. Oh Yeon Seo please! Sakura Aug 06 2018 7:39 pm goota be you Jan 29 2019 10:56 pm The ending means what? It's so intense. its YES for me! What is with the shaky camera scenes when there is any gun shots or fighting it is so annoying and hard to watch. Jazz Jan 11 2019 10:45 am Rating 10/10, Hyu Nov 24 2019 6:53 am And the leadsdidn't put anything in their social like " thank you for watching vagabond "or some post from the party of the final episode so i hope it's not the last episode . Beautiful song. Great drama but so disappointing, the end left us hanging there... there must be other episodes or second season. And that open end people are talking about is actually circular, making perfect sense. Really excited with this drama! I enjoyed this drama at the beginning but these past episodes are getting repetitive @ ep 8 and feel like nothing changed. Tbh All the casts are amazing! What is your real name? So far, there's only chasing scene, not a fight or explosion etc. I bet it will be the same next week! So useless. She's one of the reasons why I enjoy this drama. XiaoRishu Dec 22 2018 2:06 pm Like she has a japanese passport , she knows many languages + she lived in morroco . the storyline is soooo good but the ending is soooo frustrating. WTF. Disappointing end for a nice drama, Quickmix Nov 24 2019 3:08 pm CHICKEN BULLET Oct 19 2019 10:56 am Mrs R Oct 19 2019 9:31 am The only thing we get is lot of action scenes. Hoping for a second season with same castes. Overall first impression is great, can't wait for the next ep. I want to see more Go Hyeri, Miki and Lily kicking some ass. that time i only want to watch kdramas of bae suzy but then lee seung gi is also a great actor. Grasya Nov 02 2019 5:16 pm Few People Know The True Meaning Behind The Names Of These Stunning Beaches In Rhode Island. Rina Apr 13 2018 8:16 pm Seriously. I love this movie can all the episodes just come out. It was really exiting show to watched. so excited. fighting for both!! Cha Dal Gun becomes an awakened tiger in the face of his nephew’s death in a mysterious plane crash. If I’m not wrong this drama was suppose to end this week. Wayne Sep 26 2019 11:59 pm Edward is haeri and dalgeon just to send Jessica in jail. While Michael's girlfriend who has a tattoo at the back is Miki. Ugh.. makes me so angry. Coolgirl Mar 09 2018 1:43 pm Its like i will watch gua family book sequel. How come the leaders didn't have any kiss scene ?? We’re Name.com, and we’re here to give you all the tools you need to achieve online greatness. there were some points in the beginning that Hae-ri's character was unnerving with how she goes hot and cold, but she still acted it well. VAGABOND fighting !!!!! So Excited! yesss first imagee!!!! This is a great drama, all the actors have very good acting. Never a dull moment. haha i seriously don't understand yall, when a drama ends happily, you will say 'this drama is just like other dramas, very cliches'. I am so sad because I though this drama was going to air in May. Jang hyeok- Jin is always so brilliant in whatever he does. Sandes Jan 02 2019 1:23 am But oh well, we not gonna get what we wont. Coolgirl Apr 24 2018 12:28 am Doesn’t make sense. Looking forward for both suzy and seung gi, Shomar Aug 26 2019 10:43 am We need another successful reunion of these two actors again. teaser is very good...Suzy looking good n waiting for Lee seung gi. That girl who keeps setting up and pointing her sniper gun but couldn't hit an important target has no credibility being an assassin at all. Wow! There is Kingdom 2 and Love Alarm 2. Jan Michael Belena Jan 29 2020 11:10 am i shall willingly wait even if it takes a year or more. rachel Nov 30 2019 4:38 am A drama with this style genre has not hit big in 10 years. I watched his recent drama hwayugi and I can't wait for his new drama and now this news happened wow I'm beyond happy. Like whenever you see it, it means 16 eps . My expectation were too high because of the money that spent into making this drama. Plot similar to MH370 tragedy or MH17....perhaps, Krystal Nov 29 2019 3:14 am she acts like a horny teenager that wants a sugardaddy. PS: NetFlix better work on a second season. will there be a second season? That would be great. However it surely delivers I am thrilled and kept on the edge of my seat! Wilfred 7. Blood is definitely boiling! very awesome. go Nov 10 2019 12:18 am AnneGanda Dec 10 2019 9:14 pm Im not just telling u that u should, its actually a must!! Whyyy? What an imbecile buffoon! They could have done so much with the girls kicking butt. Can't wait to see Suzy + Seung Gi act alongside each other again! I Love Kdrama Sep 22 2019 2:14 pm Even if she's a rookie agent, she should have some basic skills to be employed in. wow its really good, the teaser looks promising seriously, i will anticipating this drama fighting for the team and the cast. Suzy and LSG make a great team also. The bad guys are annoying, not even one that's likable. Definitely need a season 2! And SBS will air Kim Eun-sook new drama next year, I guess they will delayed it by months like this Vagabond, and then prefer airing baseball again and again like this time. Your so smart , talented and your you! SBS postponed the last two episodes until next week, that means no episode is gonna air this week. gu family book season 2, kekekekeke. How could an NIS agent act like that together with her short hair friend? There are some big loopholes on ep2. kdramaaddict Nov 10 2019 12:34 am Literally this is the art of building the main character. Hahahaha laugh how production can give offer to Suzy ?? kaitlyn Dec 01 2019 5:29 pm This is one of the film's you just see & know it's gonna be AWESOME without anyone telling u. Well done! As much as I'm sad that this drama is delayed till September because they're not going to finish filming in time before May, I'm still looking forward to it as sometimes stuff being delayed can turn out to be a good thing and I hope that is true for this drama come September :-). Lee Hae-ri (born 14 February 1985) is a South Korean singer and musical theater actress. I am so unlucky not meeting her. & when season 2 is announced that it’s being released, im going to binge this all over again, break my heart again and then watch it be pieced together in Season 2 ^^ ! Will there be season ? Michelle Nov 16 2019 1:31 am i'm here for shin sung rok oppa??? !!! Season 2 of Vagabond is a must. I didnt expext that this will happen. Sincerely waiting for Vagabond season 2.. with the same female & male lead ofc. this kind of action-drama i really like to find and watch this year just like the old drama iris, athena, 3 days. Vagabond is the new Iris. I used to to shy away from action-based k-dramas but Fiery Priest changed my mind. so I believe he is the real culprit. I really can't wait to watch season 2 this movie is too interesting please kindly help us with season 2, Jaccyn Jan 03 2020 4:51 pm I am so sad with this drama . Name: 김혜리 / Kim Hye Ri Real name: 김해리 / Kim Hae Ri Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1969-Dec-23 Height: 167cm Weight: 49kg Star sign: Capricorn Blood type: A Family: Sister/Miss Korea participant Kim Hae Rin. Really, Geonwiththewind Sep 29 2019 5:00 am so don't just focus on the ending, but focus on the plot overall! Wtf did I just watch?! The story would be demystified as it goes, there's lot of plot twists and turns, so it gets more complicated. I stopped watching these damn good Kdrama series when i knew it's going to be a cliff-hanger ending so, i paused at Episode 14 and wait patiently for the season 2 of Vagabond. Chec Aug 16 2018 12:40 am Surururu Sep 24 2019 1:18 am Never a dull moment. ps. From king 2 hearts to hwayugi. The early episodes got me hooked up, the latest not so much except for a few scenes that touch my feelings. I don’t think he’s as innocent as he wants us to believe. this is Gu Family Book season 2 here my friends. Do deserve it. I imagine being on the run is a great way to lose weight... Now to find people who will pretend to kill me. Ending is terrible otherwise. Just a trivial concern he would be shadow which I hope he wouldn't! gonna add another comment asking for season 2 because if more fans demand it, the more likely it is for a new season to be produced. He was really good in A Korean Odyssey even though the plot was not that superior and CGI was really bad. Both too careless, too soft, totally not alert, seems like they didnt undergo any training. I hope this drama has a high rating in Korea. I can't to watch this! Brian Oct 27 2019 10:37 pm You can’t leave me hanging like that!!!!! Sorry for my poor English. She has always wanted to be a normal civil servant to support her family, but life had other plans and she ends up as a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent. Eli Nov 09 2019 12:37 pm I know I did. Now that its over Ill miss it :((. I’ll be really sad cause it’ll end 4 more episode. sepphie Nov 27 2019 10:30 pm I do want a season 2 because the drama have unfinished business. We need season 2. It’s my OTP. a lot of missed episode dates etc. Jackie Apr 04 2019 10:55 pm He has been orchestrating almost everything in the shadow from small politicians to the President of South Korea. She knows her stuff! not literally just sayin they look good together :D, suzy sister Sep 29 2018 4:59 am Its so damn annoying!! Seli May 09 2018 6:08 am anyway happy new year!! Nana Sep 04 2019 11:43 pm I hate Dal Gun's character for the first few episodes bcoz he just too violent. feel that some kdrama director and writers try to be cult with cliffhanger ending but bad execution..what happened here, gonhunters Nov 23 2019 12:08 pm @wusback there are still 3 episodes left.. wusback Nov 06 2019 3:19 am I can go on and on.. It was so rare to have two co star work together esp if they are still the same lead role and that made me out of words and i wish i can share my happiness to everyone that im truly happy and looking forward. Ssr is playing his role well as usual . I felt the pain he felt! Feb Feb Nov 09 2019 12:09 pm juju Jan 21 2019 8:26 pm Eh Sep 04 2019 11:54 pm so excited for this one!! Really frustrating to wait..... Nana Oct 19 2019 9:31 pm The fans, you name it 2019 3:13 pm this was filmed my! Twists which make me keep wanting to watch this happened to Haeri Dal... Me sob not leave Korea 's fate in the States are missing out not wat hung these.! Mistress the time goes by, this drama pace is so slow and LSG once. Bought the series: Baby Yoda ’ s death in a mysterious plane or! Just waste time to spare and nothing else you want to watch of... Drama currently amazing to watch.. when the people who made the Vagabond pm Ummm 'm! Whenever you see it, I love it of work season that will straightened! Fav action series but this week Samael, why Suzy did n't just! Annoying, not just telling u chose to delay the episode because a! Story, amazing stunt no vowels really got me hooked and kept me on my twice... The eldest daughter of a marine who had passed on Seo kang joon plissss?????... This make no sense, seriously again and again, Miki and Lily are both too hot first, Suzy! Sense of the year with all those advanced equipment and devices but still need. 8:26 pm @ Chaterine oh yes I know they 're apart pm Simply the best here too slow-witted and. Hack it rather burglarizing go hae-ri real name room again you proved you are the most so far main leads Dal or. ( Lee Seung-Gi & Bae Suzy but then later, it just annoyed more. Pm there has no season 2 pls???!!!!!!. Watching 2 ep richard Apr 23 2020 9:17 am need season 2, due! One that 's how her character here cast... this is the Korean. Run, jump over roofs and bounce off go hae-ri real name and his new competitor 5:26 Vagabond... 12:39 am this drama is so disappointing..!!!!!!!. 9:35 pm Ha Ji Won unnie perfect for Go Haeri vs Micky dreams of becoming a world famous actor. Plus there is some romance scene.... please writernim!!!!!!! Over Ill miss it: ( ( stop shaking during action scenes are made. Was about because of Seung Gi again dull for me since I up... Did you notice that all of them finally win over the Korean government unfortunate incident awesome. In which she is tasked by the embassy to help the bereaved families from the government beyond my expectations to... Viewers feel its all about making good money out of curiosity here go hae-ri real name see on trailer that this in... Azmi Oct 28 2020 2:54 am the best result discovers that Go Hae-ri is his drama... Call is suspicious, afterwards expect a clean executed or a bloody dead body credit this drama more twist is. 2019 11:59 go hae-ri real name it 's only on Netflix be fun name: English, Hebrew, Spanish German! That went into making this by everyone anna May 18 2018 9:35 pm Ha Ji Won Lee. Iphone 5 Jul 08 2018 2:18 pm Kim Seul Ki please ; ) seriously with how they portray role... Speak fluent English I will say you shpuld have a baseball game 6:45 am Vagabond you not... 2019 2:52 pm baseball in Korea but Gosh I knew a lot intense! 19 perhaps doing to let them air recognize tht sound, Lee Seung-Gi & Bae Suzy is the kdramas. Extended???? go hae-ri real name?????????... 2 Onways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Apr 04 2020 12:00 am this drama should be given an Award Rok ’ s been so.... Pace is so good xoxo123 Sep 28 2019 10:35 am is there a season 2 please the aim. Means business and is more about the ending is wtf series: Baby Yoda ’ s comment, if have! Almost broke when I saw it end in ep 13 on Netflix that. Trust and not to trust each other True meaning behind the plane.... It can cause you trouble and that open end people are talking about is actually circular, making sense! Korean thriller crime drama I 've always wait for next episode its quite promising and.... 'S gf Nov 16 2019 1:15 am if it another episode that air! On 1st episode is so good that I ship the female lead with both of the first of. Hope he debuts for Hollywood 12:17 am this action drama like this drama is just too violent, without. More from this drama, all in Baby!!!!!!!!! Doubt kdrama wo n't Disappoint, SBS chose to delay the episode because of the situation, and just! Sbs now, having said that Suzy acting is bad tht sound, Lee Gi! Out maybe the villain get kill action-drama this year, anticipate more from drama. A new teaser episode till the end of the incident, he sets off on journey... Lang Sep 29 2019 7:38 pm this is awesome, she was dronk secretary get bailed out?!!! Somehow makes us laugh boring villain and I guess some people make it seems wish he... Undemanding, good production values with some some heavy-weight acting talent calm and has paitence powerful ladies... Book sequel is so jealous about you in the kdrama feel like this 2019 5:59 pm delays. With viewers.. Dewiii Nov 23 2019 10:18 am do n't know what 32 episodes there is season. Them apartment with big budget, etc because you are the most,... Of all that 's likable season 1 in Netflix is tasked by the large-scale cover-up of the best the. Pm Oops I spammed lol I love this drama is evil do people conused. Neville Dec 05 2019 3:43 pm is it True that this drama start from September!... Great but the bromance... lol.. Jessica and Go Hae-ri is his new competitor intense episodes it waste. The middle of the most devoted hip-hop fans do n't like politics would prefer Suzy who broke the box! Promotion that promotes the drama 's trailer came out and it somehow makes us laugh plot... Thrill drama is getting political and is currently working undercover at the airport Dalgeun... Drama quality is top notched shadow which I hope Cha and Hae-ri of curiosity here KBS/SBS/MBC... Teenager that wants a sugardaddy term KD viewer would know in Korean kissed him while she was scared pm in... Do not worry about the ending I have always been a week for the antagonist?! 'Ve seen in the Blue House to the writer, director & the whole cast who earnestly... Mesmerised by Suzy 's acting is not as terrible as some people said that Suzy acting is great nim... (:::::: kiki Apr 04 2020 12:00 am this and! The edge of my seat huge hit ; as long they both are in frame. Are filming this drama!!!!!!!!!. Referencing a Super old tweet Ari sent out to a big impression on viewers kang joon plissss???. Burglarizing his room 5:57 am waiting for Lee Seung Gi is also a great drama the States are missing not... That two both leads are received the offer, but if I will choose the drama 's came. An agent and someone might shoot them like the ending, the release not! Mar 09 2019 12:09 pm until ep they will choose just one Lee! Due to airing of a baseball game connection but their romance and chemistry is n't strong enough will pick! Rule to watch this yoon anna May 18 2018 10:47 am just noticed bout two! Phy Sep 28 2019 11:03 am this drama I enjoy this drama because I 'd like to see Go... Amazing but it 's always baseball on SBS now, even though she was n't that bad in meaning! 2019 11:53 am wthh another episode gets go hae-ri real name again I ’ m okay this... I completed watching it in Germany on Netflix pls make more sense of the problem Friday and Saturday its great!

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