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Keep in mind that a water-based stain will evaporate more quickly than will an oil-based one. Or it could be if you plan to say in another part of the house while the work will be done. If you go with one of the brands I mentioned above, you are in good shape. When you are using a gray stain, white wash, gray or greige blend (ONLY use water borne poly for these and ideally Bona Traffic HD, oil based will turn these yellow and lower grade water based poly won’t be as bad as oil based, but they will be a bit more amber and turn more yellow over time). 2. Some use them because they buy their products from Home Depot, and not a real hardwood flooring distributor (they just don’t have access to the right products or know any better). Acrylic Paint . Over the years, we have tested MANY brands of polyurethane…on thousands of floors, and I want to share with you the best water based poly that we have found for hardwood flooring. The surface has been prone to showing friction scuff marks from grandkids sliding knees and feet. Great for wood and metal, self-undercoating, 20+ colours. If I may ask for some advice. Oil primers also work better than latex primers when your wood is weathered or distressed or when the existing paint is cracking or chipping. Though it is not the cheapest option by any means on our list as you will see by the table at the top. This can reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep fences looking their best and can extend the time between stain applications to save you time and money. Generally, if you are getting a much lower price on refinishing using a water borne poly, chances are the installer is using an inferior water borne product. When money is a concern. Avoid these common pitfalls that can impact your floor’s durability! And, compared to other water borne polyies, it just looks cleaner and more natural. Also, if you want your oak floors to be as light as possible (and the least yellow), this is the best option. For other items set on improving your garden see our robotic lawnmower picks for the ultimate connivence. Some flooring contractors use these because they are cheaper or locally made. You should only use latex primer with water-based paint. The best paint depends on how you use the furniture and the type of finish or style you want to achieve. It covers 13 metres square per litre of paint, requiring 2 coats and provides a great satin finish. This paint from Ronseal is ideal for only wood, that is bare or has previously been painted and it flexes with the movement of the wood making it resistant to any cracking, peeling or blistering for 10 years guaranteed. This colour is dark oak but if you scroll down to also viewed you can see a variety of colours though limited to only wood colours since it is a stain. Best Rust Converters, Best Garden Shredders Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. Bona has certainly proven itself over the long term of 10+ years and Loba just hasn’t had enough lapses time to prove itself for that duration (as it’s a newer product. It may come as surprise to many that when you use a high grade polyurethane such as Bona Traffic HD, it is EQUALLY as durable as a high grade oil based. StreetShoe would be my 2nd choice water borne polyurethane. Cuprinol Garden Shades has been purchased many times and has great reviews. It can handle daily abuse from boot heels, sopping shoes and umbrellas, and furniture relocations without becoming water-damaged or … Oil based poly is generally less expensive than water borne poly, especially if you are comparing it to a high grade water based poly such as Bona Traffic HD. Sherwin-William ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic Alkyd : available in semi-gloss and satin, it flows and to self-level for a pristine finish on wood trim, cabinets, and doors. It has a coverage of 13 metres square per litre and requires 2 coats allowing it to maintain longer gloss levels than traditional gloss paint. Oil based poly will give you a slightly darker and more yellow look than water based. Often, when you use water borne poly, it can save you 1-2 days in the process, and you can move the furniture back sooner. Zinsser B-I-N Primer Sealer – Great Interior Primer Both for Bare and Painted Wood Zinsser is a brand that is a part of the Rust-Oleum family of paints and primers. But, bear in mind that a screen and recoat doesn’t change the color; it’s just a top coat. It offers long lasting colour and protection and is suitable for all garden wood. It is touch dry in 2 hours and handle after 8 hours. The cost of the two products is virtually the same. If so, feel free to buy me a coffee and support my blog. Oil-based primers can be used with both oil- and water-based paint. In most cases, solvent-based paints end up looking similar enough to water-based products, so there’s no reason to avoid them. Water-based primers are recommended for most applications but should only be used with water-based paint. Touch dry in 30 mins, 5 years protection, range of colours. Though if you do want to use it for stain block particularly for nicotine and tanning bleed you should prime it first with Universal Stain Block Primer. 4  When smell is a major concern. It has very low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) – less than 150. When painting finished wood furniture, an oil-based primer is the best option to prevent the finish or stain from bleeding. Water-Based Stains Protect Wood Better. Ideal for interior or exterior wood or metal from a brand you know, it has the capacity to cover 16 metres squared per coat and the can will cover around 40 metres square with one coat. It takes around 6 hours to dry and you should not close newly painted doors or windows until the paint is completely dry. As the exclusive, water-based primer-sealer, nothing is better at permanently blocking stains, odors and wood knots. Please note that this article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you purchase them. It has low odor. It seems to have all the qualities of Bona Traffic – high durability, virtually no yellowing, low VOCs, low smell, quick drying and curing time. Hardwood supplies – e.g. Johnstone’s Garden Colours provide up to 4 years protection on most garden furniture such as sheds, fences, arbours, summer houses, trellis, tables and chairs. Loba 2K Supra has been coming in at a VERY close second place. This low odour, water-based formulation has self-levelling technology, which allows more time working with the paint across larger surfaces. It is available in 12 different colours and 3 different finishes matt, satin and gloss so you can pick. Though it is usable on metal do not use it on things which will get incredibly hot such as a chiminea or stove fan as it is not heat resistant enough to handle such temperatures. These paints are ho tires and heavy-duty activity. Ardenbrite’s water based metallic paint is available in gold, silver and bronze, for interior and exterior use on metal, wood, ceramics and most plastics. Read more here. Acrylic paint is another water-based type of paint for furniture that is closely related to latex paint. If you can get it for under $150, grab it. It also increases the longevity of the wood protecting it against harsh weather conditions or UV light. See below for some polyurethanes that are lower grade and I would try to avoid.<. Great for wood or metal, water based, quick drying. People have said it is a lovely and smooth paint and it is quick drying so you can apply your second coat shortly after the first. Did you find my tips helpful? You should have a local professional look at the floors in person to let you know if it will work. Because water-based products absorb into wood without adding a layer of oil in the process, they can allow greater air movement through wood. While oil-based paints were once ruled the market, water-based products are in greater demand today, due to improved durability and ease of use. It is relatively cheap, from a good brand and is available in 250ml, 750ml and 2.5 litres depending on how much you need. felt pads, vent covers, Hardwood supplies e.g. If you ask almost any experienced flooring professional, they will agree. In fact, there are more bad ones than good, and more and more brands enter the market each year. However, many people find oil paints too complex since you need to apply paint thinners and you have to deal with potent chemical odors. This woodstain from Everbuild is a quality low solevent wood stain which will enhance the natural qualities of your wood and provide protection through waterproofing, crack, peel and ultraviolet resistance. Required fields are marked *. 10 Best Paints for Wood [ 2020 Reviews ] - Best of Machinery Over 50 colours, opaque matt finish, suitable for all garden wood. This satin black paint from Rustins is ideal for interior or exterior use on wood or metal and offers a matt finish on both materials. That’s one heck of a deal on a GREAT polyurethane! While you normally tend to avoid any water around wood, water based paints are perfectly safe for your finished or unfinished wood surfaces. The finish sheen varies on the colour and it is wipeable making it great for radiators too. I only recommend products we use and love. Use either synthetic or natural bristle brush. It doesn’t require any undercoat or primer saving you money and in most cases, it only needs one coat. There are certainly better ones out there (see above), but there are certainly many many lower grade ones out there. Following painting it is weatherproof in only 1 hour and it is specially developed to ensure that the paintwork isn’t spoiled in changing weather conditions. The correct method of application is first to rub the stain into the wood using a circular motion, then to wipe it with the grain to get rid of any marks. For other items set to improve your garden see our picks for edging shears. If you’re able to sand any weathered areas back to bright wood, or if the siding isn’t weathered, then latex primer is probably the better bet. (This can be a big benefit for households with dogs as well as those in a rush to move into a new home as the movers are less likely to scratch the floors). It costs a bit less than Bona Traffic (and more than your basic polyurethanes) as it’s a higher grade. That is because most water borne polyurethanes are inferior. It dries and cures a bit faster, especially over the the 1st 24-48 hours. It can remove up to 3 layers of paint at a time and clings to vertical surfaces making it a great all-round paint remover. If you are going for lighter and more natural color, or using a gray or white washed color, water based poly is a better option. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. This particular product is one of the oldest and most trusted shellac-based primers and sealers on the market. Multisurface, 12 colours & 3 finishes, low VOCs, water based. While you’re improving the wood in your garden consider a lawn scarifier to thicken your grass. Often darker and redder woods, such as Brazilian Cherry and Brazilian Walnut, tend to look better and richer with an oil based poly. It is available in over 20 colours so you can paint your wood whatever colour you prefer. If you agree hybrid enamel paint is the best material for your kitchen cupboard painting project, we’ve rounded up some of the best products available on the market today. Available in flat, gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. When you have a dark species. For other paint guides see our guide on masonry paints. The water based primer vs. oil based primer is often a trouble spot for those who are looking to purchase primer. VOCs are a major contributor to the formation of ground-level ozone, the primary component of “smog.” In order to reduce ozone levels, the EPA and several state agencies passed legislation limiting the amount of VOCs that can be used in various household products, including commercial cleaners, aerosol sprays, and architectural p… While I love high grade water based polyurethane brands (as they are durable, smell less, dry faster and have lower VOCs), I have to warn you that there are many inferior brands out there. Some alternatives to oil paints that you can use on MDF are non-water based acrylic and latex paints .

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