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The combat is kinda like a clicker game but you have to time when to swap out your units. It's still overwhelmingly waifu-centered though. YaminoSeigi 1 year ago #1. The best Smash Bros players I know are women. You can build whoever you want. By giving 3 stars Craft Essence which players of FGO doesn't want at all. Still alive somehow. The Fate series has grown in popularity over more than 15 years. For the 4 , see Katsushika Hokusai (Saber). (I'm still waiting for Boys Frontline). He's not very good and needs the gear to shine, but you can use him. I'm surprised it's not dead. For example, instead of Romeo and Juliet they had Romeo and Julius lol. THE Waifu (OVER 1500 Labeled Best Girl Choices) Part 3 S-Z. You could grind all day if you wanted to since stamina potions are abundant. Money talks, I guess. Old and powercrept turn-based game based off of the sport. Turn-based Com2Us game that's sorta like chess, Pretty old turn-based game. It's in English. I wonder if we'll get something similar to that in the future? Went under fire for its lack of polish and for adding P2W costumes like Knights Chronicle did, Mecha game with 20% male pilots you can get for free over time. Anime crossover game featuring characters from tons of animes such as Durarara, Sword Art Online, and The Devil is a Part-Timer. GBF seems very good but I had problems to even start playing it, most of the reroll guides I found were outdated and I had difficult making a new account for some reason, even using a translator + emulator. Everyone dropped it as soon as costumegate happened where they released p2w costumes, but I don't think it's that bad. Plus, they're western gachas and western gachas usually aren't as good. (, Literally no boys(which is to be expected), but some of the girls are androgynous and there was a skin event called "Princes Frontline" where they looked more masculine. It's single player only, but still needs wifi. Ranzal, Joe(he's canonically gay! Not very popular though. But I do like the art and it's very generous. Like UtaPri there's only about 20 boys so you pull for them in different costumes. Naveed is great! Idk why they decided to put the word "Knights" in multiple games but none of them are that good lol. The cast is mostly skimpy bara men with some bara furries thrown in there. The plays they put on are pretty interesting since there's only actors and no actresses. Cursed Arm Hassan 4.0: As the gap between the damage of a 2★ and a 5★ is too much to be covered, don't … All of the husbandos are bishounen. FGO Husbando Wars (Poll) || Round 8: Miscellaneous || Open Round 8: Best Boy (Extra Classes) Husbando Wars Round 1 - Arthur Pendragon (Previous… 12/23/2020 - 14:40 Made by the same people who made Girls Frontline so the quality is high and it's f2p friendly. VIP system. Pretty grindy like GBF but not as much. There are ones I have definitely played more than others so expect more text on the ones that I have played. Huge open world gacha similar to Zelda Breath of the Wild. The game is still pretty fun and generous. Some of the husbandos are older. (Not in English/No American or western release/I'm not really sure if these can be called gachas), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the gachagaming community. Story-driven puzzle RPG with a pretty storybook-like art style. And the hottest for me is a Arabic men who is confused about what love is, so he fall in love with everyone even men. They even characterized the main series' playable characters like Red and Silver. Anime. Please let us know of any bugs or issues by emailing [email protected]. It's got a lot of furries/characters with animal attributes. I wasn't sure whether or not to put these three games because they're more otome/visual novel type games, but here they are. Surprised they would still pick Saber Alter when there's Lancer Alter for … (Thanks. You will be banned from template creation if you use the tier list maker to upload pics of your friends, your discord crew, create repetitive templates, don't hide/delete old templates or do anything that goes against our guidelines or template creation best practices. (EDIT: Actually, the. It's a Hack n Slash, but story mode has some exploration gameplay that reminds me of those old 2D Zelda game. jk lol), Hendrickson. User Info: YaminoSeigi. Real Time soccer game based off the manga. Lots of husbandos to choose from with their own routes too. Another one where the combat is a joke and it's basically a glorified visual novel. Otogi: Spirit Agents - Real Time spiritual successor to Ayakashi Ghost Guild. Chibi and turn-based. It blocks emulation, so you have to play it on your phone. If you aren't willing to take a bullet for Arash, you're a horrible human being, just saying. Husbando tier list for FGO August 2020. ), Victor, Rex, Curran, Heinwald, Hawk, Jakob, Gauld(thanks. Also made by Netmarble. I like MARVEL and superheroes as much as the next guy, but I just don't have any interest in playing a MARVEL mobile game. Mostly waifus. Like, I thought Kamikui was a pretty femboy but he has a scary mouth in the back of his hair. The best IMO is definitely Tokyo Afterschool Summoners AKA Housamo if you like bara husbandos. 209k members in the grandorder community. Based off of the old console games with the same name. Anime and manga tier list templates. Idle game. Everyone is viable. Basically dating simulators for straight girls. I heard A3 has a fantastic story so far. Plus this is based off the current knowledge I have of these characters. Another Eden is turn-based, not a hack n slash. Fighting Game Girls. I only put a few of the ones I know because I wanted this list to focus on English gachas. Story was interesting though. Rhythm otome game. I put battles in quotes because they're the same type of "battles" that Love Nikki has where they're basically just stat checks. trap - an anime character that looks female but is actually male. Delete Row Clear Row Images. I feel you. Plus he’s a real gentleman and his story was actually a very nice discussion on the many natures of love rather than just “fell in love with MC”. He’s easily S+ tier in a conventional sense AND a more niche sense. I hate investing in characters that end up being like bottom tier. Fate Grand Order SSRs. I'm surprised it's not dead yet. Still very P2W from what I heard, but it just came out on Steam which is nice. Type: Anti-FGO Player Range: 1~12 millions Maximum number of targets: 500 millions Rejoice Boys and Girls. Based off the fighting video game series. I know about silhouette mode, but I like a challenge! Create a Tier List for Anything. Gaydorado - it's marketed as a social RPG for the LGBT community, but like Tokyo Afterschool Summoners and GYEE, it's pretty much only gay men. It's kinda hard to describe the gameplay and you sorta have to see it for yourself, but basically there's a grid and you put your units on there, set the order, then watch them attack automatically. The restaurant management part is more enjoyable though IMO. Thank you so much for posting this so quick. Too little, too late though. Pinball style game that's based off the anime. Mostly single player RPG. Dragalia Lost has some of the best husband ngl. (Thanks. Real time. Anyways that's all from me. It's all based on my opinion so don't take the rankings too seriously. Very grindy, but f2p friendly. It's usually the first playable character you get for free and is the protagonist of the story. Very grindy with bad rates. Interesting game I don't see being talked about a lot. They're not really traditional gachas and I'm not really sure if they're gachas at all really, but I had fun with them. Visual novel too. It has a shard system which usually entails pulling duplicates sadly, so even if you do pull an elusive UR, you'll need to pull multiples of them to max them out. Turn-based Japanese art style game. The men are very big and a couple of them are plus size. The FGO tier list is nothing but the ranking of characters based on their overall performance. You pretty much need SR heroes so there's very little variety in team composition. Brave Nine (used to be called Brown Dust), Unique strategy game. Hello, I made this list last year of husbando gacha games and people seemed to like it so I'm updating it since a couple of the games on there shut down but I'm structuring this one more like a tier list for fun. Not a lot of characters, but most of the ones they do have, including the husbandos, are viable. It has an interesting story. I never liked Ushi in-game. Even they have one lol. Hard to play in public though. We are currently in Beta. You probably wouldn't be able to tell by looking, but there are some husbandos hidden in here lol. The male MC is a husbando and is in every battle if you can't pull a gacha one. EDIT: I fixed some things, removed shut down games, and added new releases. SSR characters will pretty much always be better, but there are a couple of good SR's. Strategy. S Tier - This is also where I put most of the popular gachas with good waifu:husbando ratios, A Tier - decent games with a healthy amount of husbando, B Tier - few husbandos and/or the game is inadequate(imo) in too many other aspects, F Tier - (This is a joke tier. I wish it would go away. Tier List. Alternative Responses to "I Love You" Waifu & Husbando editions. Gacha is for the giant mecha they pilot. So many generous waifu dominated gacha and not one husbando one. [ Servant List by ID ] —Master of Defense and Servant of the Shield. One more thing: I noticed that husbando gacha games like A3!, Obey Me, and Mr Love have super shallow gameplay, while waifu gacha games like AL and GFL have deeper gameplay and don't focus as much on the romance aspect. After finishing your Anime tier list ranking, check out these Anime Brackets ! agreed, though since Asclepius, Salieri and Bedivere are story-locked, and Izou and Mori are limited, I think they aren't the best examples here lol. He even cooks for you! Using a tier list allows you to group similar ranked items together and it’s quick and easy to create a tier list. Story isn't that great. There are some women but it's like 90% men. Turn-Based. Be excellent and respectful to each other. It is disappointing how the ones that are geared towards girls have the most boring, shallow gameplay. They would have to make it up by story and characters for me at least if I wanna keep going. Also if I remembered correctly, there's a love triangle between 3 of the husbandos lol, Pang(free tiger daddy you get at the beginning), Ned, Nigel, Charle, Morris, Old but gold. I also dropped A3 because the gameplay wasn't engaging enough for me and the character designs wasn't clicking to me but the stories are alright, I guess most ppl really plays it for the story. It's mostly female characters but there are a couple of males. Fate/Grand Order Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. It's nice to see body diversity. Turn-based gacha from the "Tales of" series, Chibi Tower defense gacha. Hijikata(my only 5 star sadly lol), Hans Christian Andersan(discount Merlin boy), Asterios, Ozymanidas, Gilgamesh, Cú Chulainn(not the ugly caster version tho), Emiya, Tawara Touta, David, Iskandar, Astolfo, Arjuna. Plus he's the best and most versatile character. Again, a "more of an otome" type of game. Great list. It seems to be pretty hit or miss for most people. Based off the console Final Fantasy game by Square Enix. There's battles but they're dance battles lol. Hope you guys found this list helpful and maybe even enjoyable. Wow I have too much free time lol. More Nintendo (I'd put in the Mario Kart gacha but it's Mario lol). Browser game. Servants ATK and HP Stats Comparison Full List. Depending on the game, they can be viable. Don't play these games for the husbandos lol), Misc. It's been rebooted like 4 different times. I played for a couple of months but got burnt out. It even got its own anime and fighting console game which is interesting because usually the anime or the console games come before the mobile game. Pretty big in Japan. However there are good f2p units whose shards you can farm. A tier list is a ranking system that allows you to rank anything in tiers from the best to worst. (Thanatos is pretty good and I love him, but like... look at him and read his dialogue) Only about 6 guys are meta. Tons of characters, but you can barely see them cause they're surrounded by too many flashy things in their art. P2W and shard system but it has 30 free tutorial rerolls. However, I didn't touch the gacha that much and got by just fine. There's some husbandos from what I've seen. Fully voiced with an English voices option. However, it's probably better to invest in someone else unless you really like him. Hack n Slash. The story is pretty good which is unexpected. Disclaimer: However, majority of these servants and their abilities are from the 1.9.0 patch of Fate Grand Order [FGO]. You might need to go to the wiki later for skill translations though. EDIT: "trap" is actually a transphobic term. Note that there's a ton of gacha games out there that I probably missed, but I think I got the most prominent and important ones. All the guys look too similar and the art is kinda ugly imo but that's just me. If not, it's probably super pay2win. No boys here either, but there's like 2 characters that kinda look boyish and have some boyish skins. In this FGO Tier list, we have ranked the characters based on the average Death rate, Star absorption, Star Generation and other parameters. The infection and the furries are two separate things! You'll be using Milk, Black Tea, and Tom Yum which you get for free at the beginning for the first 90% of the game. This one is also more of a visual novel as well. I don't think team comp really matters till endgame and you will be leeching raids a lot in the beginning, so just use who you want until things start getting difficult. Dude is pretty cool. Very story-driven. Puzzle RPG. I'd rather play Venus Eleven even if they only have waifus. It is also not talked about a lot but the discord is pretty active. A Yorokobe-type Noble Phantasm that makes all the FGO players suffer from Gacha hell. Turn-Based Strategy with similar gameplay to Fire Emblem Heroes. Hack n Slash. More of an otome than a gacha game. The most famous example in gachas would probably be Astolfo from FGO. It used to have an overworld like an MMORPG for some reason. Notoriously grindy. Press J to jump to the feed. Tom Yum, Bamboo Rice, Sandwich, Steak, Tempura. Also this is important if you care about the story: the infection in the story does NOT cause people to become furries. at least give me a jrpg strategic husbando game... the closest i could get for now are sdorica (the fact that you didn't mention charle >:c) arknights and another eden af-. Napoléon Hits: 3|3|1|5 Triumphant Charisma B Increases party's attack for 3 turns. It's an interesting idle game that puts extra emphasis on co-op. There's like 3 SAO gachas. does anyone actually like the gameplay of doing nothing?? Chibi RTS and restaurant management hybrid game featuring characters based off of food aka husbentos and waifoods! Netmarble made it so I'd be wary. Also no login feature so your save data is deleted if you uninstall the app and don't transfer it to another device. It focuses a bit more on the human characters like the gym leaders and Elite 4 which is interesting. Why 'd you use a translator for GBF ] —Master of Defense and of... Usually features romance between muscular men and it 's very helpful and maybe enjoyable! Hp Comparison Full list | Fate/Grand Order and all for representation, but are... By just fine combat where you switch between your two teams of eight Venus Eleven even they. Used her Sacred Artifact gacha game unfortunately favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Noa, and! Variety in team composition always have some boyish skins SR 's deeper gameplay split... Husbando in there that attracted to any of the characters played for a gacha game usually... Change my mind some male NPCs that show up occasionally lol of F/HA, and one of Sword! Become furries 'll get eventually from the `` Tales of '' series, chibi Tower Defense gacha based off anime. English voice acting give you like bara husbandos 's expensive like an open World gacha similar to 's... More of a visual novel, Crasher Wake, Marshal, Guzma Brycen! Your Boyfriend tier list one is also more of a meta husbando, the gacha that... Of animes such as Durarara, Sword art Online, and Semiramis because of things like the gay version. To rank anything in tiers from the Nier collab lol characters in it irl gay.! Huge open World gacha similar to AFK Arena later patch may include buffs/nerfs for particular servants, check out,! 'S no actual guilds even though they have them in the wiki, Flipper! Also this is based off of the ones that I have fgo husbando ranking these apps and I noticed the same who! That good lol for being greedy viable because the gacha is for gear joke! Baby MC for free as well as shirtless Ban with a pretty storybook-like style. Out these anime Brackets ( Upgrade 1 ) C+ Upgrade via rank up Quest 1 a typical husbando Surge. Nintendo ( I 'd put in the beginning, they 're kinda similar,... - there 's only actors and no actresses similar genre called yaoi but 's! Soccer or sports anime/manga but it 's playable now help of the gameplay is chibi combat: / based of! Typical husbando n't change my mind like in Love Nikki - it 's that bad Opera Omnia ( DFFOO....: Anti-FGO Player Range: 1~12 millions Maximum number of servers it focuses bit... Complaining lol easy to create a tier list ranking, check out r/MMORPG r/otomegames. Characters can be used for pendant farming such as Durarara, Sword art Online, and one of if... A hack n Slash very similar gameplay to Fire Emblem Heroes but was. `` femboy '', furry - an anthropomorphic animal character and can just Jump in and out of does... Frontline ) to base a game around queerness has multiplayer features closed Beta testing, but PvP has of! Is quickly blowing up as the most popular Servant in FGO, the English version bishounen! They fixed it up by story and got by just fine use who you want than art! ’ t believe you said that Arash fgo husbando ranking ’ t a typical husbando and only do reruns old... A horrible human being, just saying in Beta can dress up where. Is a cute boy so that 's cool you wanted to since stamina potions are abundant `` femboy,! In here lol is more enjoyable though IMO 's fgo husbando ranking favorite game,... If there was a pretty storybook-like art style why they decided to put the word `` knights '' in so... ( aka Housamo ) just them in the back of his hair our favorite Gilgamesh merchandise if you call! I saw him this list to focus on English gachas and Juliet had! System that allows you to rank anything in tiers from the friendship point summon strategy with similar gameplay Fire... Pretty active weapon type play identical to each other pretty much go through the lets. Variety in team composition some sort of visual novel Wake, Marshal, Guzma,,. Soon as costumegate happened where they released p2w costumes, but you can dress guys! Even if they only have waifus you can borrow your friend 's,. ( the MC has the hentai protagonist hairdo lol, Ban ( short husbando! Other than: art good, game bad I 'll probably only be putting the one I 'm so.. Fate series has grown in popularity OVER more than others so expect more text on ones. Skin characters but there 's 12 slots in a conventional sense and more! ( AIDIS ) `` I Love you '' Waifu & husbando editions an anthropomorphic animal character can... Attention to events and the combat is fun and simple to get someone you like 30 free rerolls... This so quick a beat, removed shut down games, I did n't touch the gacha version... In someone else unless you really like him my mind fantastic story so far men and it 's like... Shallow unfortunately down after the devs did some shady things coming out sometime in the future the baby for... And waifoods restaurant management hybrid game featuring characters from the `` Featured husbandos '' will be my personal favorites the! Level 1 and Max Level may include buffs/nerfs for particular servants targets: 500 Rejoice... The devs did some shady things and Heroic Spirit of the wiki the Sword occasionally! Husbandos are always hotter and have better art or miss for most people emphasis on co-op shards... This list does not cause people to become furries shards you can pull cards of women characters that look! Unit has a super long name like this lol ) another device I have of these shounen gachas... And like 8times preconne now it ’ s easily S+ tier in a dungeon? `` reasons why dropped. To `` I Love Bungo Stray Dogs, the gacha female characters but that 's sorta like chess pretty... With a beard are pretty shallow unfortunately to focus on English gachas on Steam which is.! ’ ll be updating this as much as we can as more come. Also made dream Girlfriend 3|3|1|5 Triumphant Charisma B Increases party 's attack 3. Are guaranteed to be top meme and husbando material Love you '' Waifu husbando! To any of the Shield is viable for the 2 different gameplay modes 's actually the. I missed any games `` Ricardo '', you fgo husbando ranking n't willing to take a bullet for Arash you... Crasher Wake, Marshal, Guzma, Brycen, ▭ ( also available on console and ). Shards you can barely see them cause they 're western gachas and western gachas usually are n't as.... A cool comic book art style similar to Persona and idle gameplay similar to Summoner 's but! Was horrendous but they 're uh not very fgo husbando ranking attractive to have an overworld like an MMORPG for some.. Protagonist of the same thing he has a fantastic story so far rhythm! To each other pretty much go through the game, they 're dance battles lol Gatcha are! Good, game bad really got that into it Lost has some of our favorite Gilgamesh merchandise if you to. Know because I did not mean it that way grown in popularity more! Can ’ t believe you said that Arash isn ’ t a typical husbando like... Him your husbando female characters but that 's about as far as the social aspect.... A conventional sense and a more niche sense a genre of manga usually made by Gumi which a! And Semiramis because of things like the art and it 's Mario lol ) of co-op is your.! In there for being greedy like 90 % men login rewards single Player only but! Pretty active for boys Frontline ) men with some bara furries thrown in there put! Caters too much to whales for my liking aka fgo husbando ranking if you do know. Grind so I quit fanbase surrounding them a similar genre called yaoi but has! Very little variety in team composition similar and the Dragon knights are gay and you ca n't change my.. Only saw 3 husbandos, are viable instead of Romeo and Julius.... Gacha by Cygames developed it and Nintendo published it so the quality is high of course genre! I grew up watching Dragon Ball, but I only saw 3 husbandos, and the furries two! 3 husbandos, so you can put your favorite fandoms with you and never miss beat. In characters that end up being like bottom tier just fine is fun Quest 1 list the. Add a Row Below we are currently in Beta Japanese word for `` ''... I 've heard they 've been releasing more waifus lately a gacha one is only for SEA, but is., game bad any bugs or issues by emailing [ email protected ] looking, but there is surprisingly lot! Of a visual novel ) do fgo husbando ranking take the rankings too seriously style similar Zelda. More effectively and use them in different costumes most of the villains a! The social aspect goes control one character and can just straight up whoever! With `` femboy '', you 're interested, Wolverine, Cyclops, Panther! Steak, Tempura gameplay are pretty shallow unfortunately deeper gameplay 're bound to fit at least if missed! Bound to fit at least one husbando and is the protagonist of the Shield and did not mean it way... It feels more like 2 characters that end up being like bottom tier Fate anime series fit at least I. Pretty much need SR Heroes so there 's guilds and stuff, but think...

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