why do wild horses not need shoes


Level of Activity. A horse’s hoof is like a human fingernail: It constantly grows. Also, they … Shoes also help horses distribute the extra weight of a rider and tack. A horse has shoes to protect it's feet--show horses, and endurance horses usually have them. Many changes brought about by the domestication of the horse have led to a need for shoes for numerous reasons, mostly linked to management that results in horses' hooves hardening less and being more vulnerable to injury. Wild horses walked and grazed continuously over a wide range of terrain that had never been plowed or paved. Horses in the wild aren't pulling carriages, or plows, and therefore don't need the additional protection against wear on their hooves from the extra exertion. Why do wild horses not need shoes? Because domesticated horses do not wear down their feet naturally like wild horses do, a professional farrier must regularly trim their hooves and, if necessary, apply shoes. There are many reasons why domesticated horses may need to wear shoes. Horseshoes exist because when a human rides a horse, the extra weight increases the wear on their hooves; so a horseshoe takes the wear instead of the horse's hoof. Their hooves were worn to a smooth, even, hard state and the continual stimulation of the sole of the foot caused it to become thick. Because he grew up without shoes, his hooves got naturally hard. Why Do Horses Need To Wear Shoes? Wild horses never have shoes, and they don't have hoof problems often either. In the wild, horses travel many miles each day to get food. Horses have evolved over time to have a fairly specific rate of hoof growth: they wear down their hooves about as fast as they grow them in the wild. But although they can cover as much as 50 miles per day, they typically do it at pretty low speeds. Normal activities of wild horses wear hoofs to a smooth, even, hard state with a thick sole. Now, our horses do not traverse distances to forage for feed. Wild horses walked and grazed continuously over a wide range of terrain that had never been plowed or paved. Why Do Horses Need Shoes • Why do wild horses not need shoes?Laura S. Harris (2020, December 1.) Nature taking care of horse hoofs. Wild horses did not need shoes because they walked constantly and were able to not only keep their hooves strong through repeated stresses, but also were able to keep them worn off from that walking. In the wild, a horse may travel up to 50 miles (80 km) per day to obtain adequate forage. Wild horses don’t need horseshoes, unlike domestic horses. Most horses don't need shoes, but it's "common knowledge" that all do so a lot of people shoe their horses anyway. Why a horse may need shoes. The reason wild horses do not need shoes is because their hooves have not been weakened by ammonia and holes in their feet caused by shoes. Additionally, horseshoes on horses is actually a BAD idea if that horse is going to be running on pavement or cobblestones because of the harder impact and shock from the metal on stone. They help a mounted horse get a hold of the ground and stop harder. Shoes just make horses a lot more versatile for riding. It is a form of protection where the downward pressure on each step goes into that metal plate and not the surface of the hooves. Domestic horses may also wear shoes to stop the weight of their human riders damaging the hooves. But whether they really need shoes or not depends on terrain, what type of riding they’re doing, and where the horse is kept.

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